Beyond Digital Marketing: How to Perfectly Retain Customers 

Beyond Digital Marketing: How to Perfectly Retain Customers 

There’s a huge buzz around digital marketing in the digital age – and it’s justified. After all, marketing in the digital space is far more cost-effective than using television and radio advertising. It enables revolutionary methods of targeted advertising that can show adverts to specific demographics with specific behaviors online. But the focus on digital marketing shouldn’t obscure other equally important methods, through which you can enhance your business’ performance. This article will show you what you might be overlooking in order to retain more customers after their first online transaction with you.

The Journey Begins

When a consumer becomes a customer – and they make their first transaction with you – that’s the beginning of a journey, not the end of one. That’s how you should be looking at these one-time customers: as beginning their relationship with your brand and your business. As such, there are some simple ways to impress and please these customers in a short period of time following their purchase, including:

  • Fast, accurate delivery times on the products they purchase
  • Investing in branded and classy packaging to build positive impressions of your brand
  • Using eco-friendly packaging, and eco-friendly shipping, to show off your green credentials
  • Making the delivery itself free – and including a brochure in the package as physical marketing
  • Offering free returns, and offering great customer service from the point of sale onwards

In this way, you’ll be starting the customer’s journey with you in the most positive manner possible, helping them regard your business as a strong and trustworthy brand from the get-go.

Curating Their Journey

Now it’s time to turn to the longer term. This is the point at which customers may return to shop with your brand. That’s an important moment, as it’s the key part of your customer retention strategy. Put simply, if a customer trades with your site twice, it’s likely that you left a good impression with them. They are likely to trust you based on an enjoyable customer experience.

In order to fully understand the various stages of this journey, and to map out the contact points you have with customers, it’s important to glean insights from data and experts. They are able to look at your data to show you how customers see your brand. Partner with a contact center consultancy firm in order to enjoy these insights and learn how to map better customer journeys through your website.

The Trusty Email

Email marketing may seem a little dated in the modern marketing world, but it’s possibly the most important aspect to your customer retention communications. It’s here that you’re able to show off your new products and services with the confidence that your customers are at least a little interested in your brand and its operations. Here, you’ll also be able to offer special coupons and deals to existing customers to draw them back onto your website product-listing pages.

Build better customer journeys and stronger customer retention figures with these savvy tips that go beyond digital marketing, and into something deeper and more important for long-term business success.