Computer Ergonomics: How to Protect Yourself From Injury

Computer Ergonomics: How to Protect Yourself From Injury

Did you know that each year, 4.6 million people experience a workplace injury?

A good portion of this figure includes people that experience injuries as a result of working at a computer. This might sound surprising when you consider that an office isn’t really regarded as a dangerous working environment.Below you’ll discover some tips that’ll teach you to limit injuries associated with heavy computer use. If you spend a lot of your time working at a computer, these tips will help you avoid any injuries that could harm your productivity.

Breaks Are Important

One of the best ways to limit injuries while working at a computer is by taking regular breaks. During these breaks, you should stand up and possibly go for a walk outside.

The benefit of doing this is that you can stretch your body and thereby reduce any tension. You also give your eyes a rest as you allow them to focus on something other than a screen.

If you want to remind yourself to take breaks, set up an alert on your phone that goes off every hour or so.

Improve Your Setup

You can reduce your odds of injury by improving your workstation.

At the very least, you want to make sure your monitor is at eye-level so that you can keep your neck in a relatively neutral position while working.

You should also think about positioning your keyboard so that you’re not overextending yourself while typing. If you can keep your elbows at your side when you’re typing, it’s generally a sign that your keyboard is in a good position.

Investing in a suitable chair is another way you can limit your odds of picking up an injury. Ideally, you want to buy a chair that provides some kind of lumbar support.

What If You Already Have an Injury?

If you already have an injury related to heavy computer use, then the tips mentioned above still apply.

However, you should also think about seeking out some form of physical therapy, so that you can prevent your injuries from getting worse.

In some cases, your injuries might be caused by your employer forcing you to work at a subpar workstation. If that’s the case, a firm such as Sweet James Bergener might be able to help you seek personal injury compensation.

Can You Protect Your Body During Heavy Computer Use?

If you use the tips in this post, you should be able to protect your body during periods of heavy computer use.

You’ll need to invest a bit of money to improve the ergonomics of your workstation. You’ll also need to practice some discipline when it comes to taking breaks throughout the day.

If you want to get the best results, you need to make this part of your daily lifestyle. After all, you’re probably going to be using a computer for the rest of your life, and so there’s no getting away from the risks mentioned above.