When You Need to Use a Legal Translation Service

When You Need to Use a Legal Translation Service

 Legal documents can have massive implications. They’re tied to jobs, mergers, acquisitions, even privacy policies. A single word could have an unintended consequence, costing thousands of dollars or more.

Thanks to the internet, any business can become global. That means more languages and more room for errors and misunderstandings. You can limit these misunderstandings with legal translations.

You Can’t Rely on Google

One of the first places people will turn to when they’re looking for information or translating a document is Google.

Google is great for some things, but it is not meant to translate legal documents. There are words that can get lost in an automatically generated translation that can affect the context of your legal document.

These artificial intelligence-powered translators also don’t give you a regional perspective. Saving time isn’t worth it when it can cost your business so much more.

There’s a Lot at Stake

Any type of business or legal document requires a lot of scrutiny. That goes for your legal documents, too.

You could have an acquaintance who’s bilingual do the translation for you. The problem with that is that they’re not familiar with legal or possibly some industry terminology.

You want to have a legal translation service that will have added quality control measures like back translation. This site tells you what back translation is, and how it can ensure accuracy in your documents.

They’re Legally Required

If you’re applying for a visa for an extended trip to Spain or Italy, you are required to provide translated documents, such as birth or marriage certificates. Some consulates require that you have these legal documents translated using an approved translation service.

In other instances, courts may require that documents need to have a professional translation. Besides, presenting a document to a judge that you printed off from an automated translation just doesn’t look professional.

Lawsuit Protection

Whether you’re an attorney representing a business or you’re running a business you want to shield yourself from lawsuits as much as possible.

When you use an unknown translation source, you’re putting your business at risk. Attorneys could get sued for malpractice because they didn’t have their documents professionally translated.

Businesses also put themselves at risk. Your translation may miss one or two key phrases in another language. That creates a legal loophole where customers and/or vendors can file a lawsuit against you.

Be Smart: Use a Legal Translation Service

Whenever you need a document translated, your best bet is to use a legal translation service. You simply can’t rely on the internet to get it right.

With legal documents, you need to make sure that you get the translation just right. The costs of getting even one word wrong are too high.