10 Practical Ways to Make Your San Diego Business More Eco-Friendly

10 Practical Ways to Make Your San Diego Business More Eco-Friendly

 Global warming is a complex and monumental issue that businesses need to be aware of. While it can be easy to only see it as a relevant issue to large corporations, everyone needs to come together and take action to tackle this rising concern. Whether you run a small company or a large business, change won’t occur unless we all take the right steps.

Making your company greener can have all sorts of benefits, not only for the environment, but your business’ reputation too. If you’re serious about making a difference and want to reduce your carbon footprint, here are ten practical ways to make your San Diego business greener.

Conserve Water

One of the main things that you can do to help the environment and save money is conserve water. Regardless of how big your workplace is, the amount of water you use could be costing you a fortune in utility bills. If you have any leaky faucets around your premises, gallons of water could be going to waste if you don’t take immediate action. If you aren’t sure where to begin, it’s best to contact a plumbing expert who can give you more information on how to reduce your water footprint. You can also investigate other options like installing an eco-friendly water system, which is designed to prevent unnecessary wastage.

Use Green Cleaning Products

A clean workplace is a happy workplace, so whether it’s you rolling your sleeves up, or you hire cleaners, there are tons of chemicals in most cleaning products which are known to have a harmful impact on the environment, as well as your health. Instead, opt for non-toxic products that will protect your skin from harmful ingredients. There are lots of natural products that can be used, such as white vinegar, and bicarbonate of soda that can work just as well as most cleaning products on the market, helping to keep your workplace looking squeaky clean.


While many businesses are trying their best to reduce how much paper they use, it’s inevitable that there will be some sheets flying around the office from time to time. If you want to make a difference and aren’t sure how to do so, adding some recycling bins to the workplace and encouraging your employees to recycle is a great way to make your business greener. Make sure that you clearly outline which bin is for what, such as paper, plastic, and cardboard. Having clear instructions will mean that employees will get into the habit of using them. As the head of a business, it’s important that you lead by example, as soon enough you will notice your staff recycling.

Plant Shrubs & Trees

Shrubs and trees are a vital component of the ecosystem, helping to act as filters for pollution. Not only can plants make your company appear nicer in a visual sense, you also won’t have to do much upkeep for them to look their best, aside from the occasional watering and pruning. Plants produce oxygen, which can help improve the air quality for you and your team. Also, shade from the trees may help cool down your office in the summer months, helping to make everyone in the office feel more relaxed and comfortable.

Replace Old Equipment

If you have computers, laptops, and other electrical appliances that may be past their sell by date, it’s time to replace old equipment and invest in modern appliances that will benefit your business in the long run. Most electronic items will have an energy star rating on them which will show you how efficient they are. We all want to cut costs where we can, so while you may find it hard to let go of your trusted computer or laptop, once you begin noticing how much money you’re saving on energy, you will be confident you’ve made the right choice.

Choose Sustainable Suppliers

Green procurement is another simple way to transform your carbon footprint as a company. Not only will this make your business eco-friendlier, but depending on where you purchase from, it can help to foster a strong relationship with local suppliers. It’s only natural that you will want to pick suppliers who benefit your business in the best way possible, so purchasing goods that are recycled and non-toxic should be your first port of call. Using suppliers who support your mission of being more eco-friendly can help to build trust and ensure you’re getting the best deals possible.

Change Your Light Bulbs

Another great way to make your business greener is by changing the light bulbs in your workplace. If you’ve found that you’re changing your lightbulbs a little too frequently for your liking, investing in energy efficient ones can conserve how much energy you use. What’s more, they will last longer too, meaning you don’t have to worry about the hassle of changing them at the most inconvenient times.

Perform an Energy Audit

Whether you employ a small number of people in your business, or you have many working for you, the amount of energy you are using collectively can be extortionate. It can be easy to lose track of how much energy you’re consuming; therefore, performing an energy audit can be a great way to keep track of your usage. Hiring a professional to come into your workplace and pinpoint any problems will mean you know what action to take. No one wants to pay out a ton of cash for energy that could have been saved, so speaking to a professional and nipping any problems in the bud can be hugely beneficial for your business.

Invest in a New Heating and Air Conditioning Unit

As San Diego is known for its sunny weather, this means that temperatures can rise throughout the summer months. No one wants to work in a boiling hot office, so it’s important that you invest in an energy efficient heating and air conditioning unit. You may wish to contact Semper Solaris who are heating contractors in the San Diego area. The team knows all there is to know about heating and air conditioning units, as well as solar panels which you could place on your roof as a way to conserve energy.

Speak to Your Employees

Once you’ve brushed up on your knowledge of how to make your business eco-friendlier, your next step is to stress the importance to your employees. As the head of a business, you can only do so much, so having a team behind you who follow your beliefs will help when it comes to reducing your carbon footprint and creating a greener workplace. There are lots of things that your employees can do, such as switching off and unplugging equipment at the end of the day, turning off taps, as well as recycling paper and plastic. To do this effectively, it’s advised to hold regular meetings with your team where you can drill into them the importance of being greener.

No matter the field of business you’re in, making small but subtle changes throughout the workplace can have a positive impact on the environment. Even if you don’t believe you’re doing much to help fight global warming and climate change, you will notice a decrease in your energy consumption, not to mention save money on your energy bills.