6 Creative Name Tag Ideas for Your Next Conference

6 Creative Name Tag Ideas for Your Next Conference

Name badges are a gift and a curse. Leaving an event with holes in a silk blouse is often the cost of visibility at a networking meeting.

Event planners should use more creative name tag ideas. Choose from these 6 cool name tag designs for attendees at your next event.

The Experience Tag

Color code name tags according to how many times a person has attended the event. For example, anyone who’s attended more than five years in a row gets a red badge.

First-timers get a blue badge. Gradually lighten the colors from red to blue for a gradient effect.

When guests network, they’ll be able to spot the newcomers easily. This is an easy starting point for conversation.

The Themed Tag

If your event is heavy on a theme, make sure the name badges match. Use the color scheme and branding to create well-designed name tags.

Don’t be afraid to mix in new textures like metallics or dog tag chains. Layered textures make the style of your name tags seem intentional.

Avoid damaging the clothes of guests by using magnetic name tags instead of safety pins.

The Poken Tag

Pokens are little digital devices that allow you to exchange contact information with others nearby. Add pokens to each name badge to help guests network better.

These work best when name tags are attached to a lanyard. The device comes in a variety of shapes, but most are heavier than paper.

The Minimalist Tag

Sometimes the guest’s name is all that matters. Create a minimalist name tag with the person’s first name enormous and centered on the front.

These work well when using buttons or engraved name tags. Choose a colored background and dark text.

No matter how cool it looks, white text on a colored background makes names hard to read. If you skip branding on the tag, guests could reuse it during future events.

The Talk-to-Me Tag

Create a name badge with a conversation prompt. Add a sentence to the name tag that gives direction to other attendees like “Ask me about…”

Ask guests to write-in the topics they want others to talk to them about. This helps encourage more pointed conversations.

The Biodegradable Tag

One big disadvantage to event name tags is that they’re wasteful. The heavy plastics used to make them durable are also a terrible option for one-time use.

Choose a biodegradable paper for your name badges this year. Skip the lanyard style and opt for a thick cardstock with attached magnets.

Limitations on Name Tag Ideas

Limitations on name tag ideas will happen without the proper lead time. Custom designs and textiles are not the norm for most printers which means you’ll need more time to produce.

Often, name tags aren’t thought of until after registration closes. Start planning your name tag design as soon as you start planning what the event will be.