6 Creative Marketing
Techniques to Boost Business

Companies that opt for creativity grab prospect’s attention faster. The marketing technique cuts through the rife competition to guarantee engagement.

For instance, IHOP changed its name to IHOB to draw attention to its ultimate steak burgers. The campaign, but a troll, went viral and led to sales increase by over 300%.

Creative marketing is not a new concept. It’s not even the direct use of the tried and tested strategies. It’s more about using unique ideas to present your marketing messages.

Do you want to apply it to your strategy? Try out these 6 creative marketing techniques and boost your business!

Promote Via Contests

Want a fun and creative way to engage your followers and increase engagement? Why not try contest marketing? Running a contest can explode your business by hitting new customers.

Imagine if only 100 of your twitter followers, retweeted, or liked your campaign. Your single post could go viral, attract more likes, and speed your business’ growth!

Contests can also help you collect customer data for future marketing campaigns. They can also encourage customers to market for you. In 2011, Citizen Watch grew its Facebook followers by over 50,000 and attracted over 3 million online searches within eight months.

Facebook contests are easy and inexpensive to run. Some of them can even bring double benefits. For example, they provide access to user-generated content, new ideas, and quality leads.

For your business, try photo contests, brainy contests, countdowns, giveaways, or sweepstakes.

Launch Funny Content or Quirky Marketing Posts

You can come up with a quirky marketing idea/concept, make the news, and gain free publicity. Viral campaigns are more about a highly amusing message, video, song, or game. They intend to encourage sharing and engagement to reach as many people as possible.

Viral messages aim at getting an emotional response rise in customers. They provoke a strong feeling and compel people to share more. This is a creative tactic that any business can use to reach its desired audience. Yet, you need to understand your audience before creating emotional content.

For instance, you can use relatable memes for your business marketing.

Memes are some popular tools used in marketing to add humor to campaigns. They are trendy, simple to make, and affordable for any business. People find them relatable and shareable. Thus, they can quickly overhaul your reputation from bland to trendy.

Add Purpose to Your Marketing

Purposeful marketing campaigns are more effective in building relations and increasing brand loyalty. Customers now value the meaning behind a product and not it’s money worth.

Creative marketing also entails coming up with messages that please the purposeful customer. Let’s refer to Tesla’s mission. It’s simple and draws customers to one purpose, which is transitioning to sustainable energy.

Patagonia, Ripple Foods, and Tesla are brands that reach customers through purposeful products. These companies are more about a social cause than making money.

Championing a social cause is one of the most creative marketing strategies. It can help to identify your brand as unique and give you a leg up over competitors.

Partner with Another Brand

Brand partnerships are valid regardless of business size. No business is too big or small to merge. Two firms can choose to co-brand or combine to form a more powerful company.

Co-branding might not sound as creative, but it’s an effective marketing strategy to explore another customer base. A small company may merge with a larger one to access a more significant pool of loyal customers.

The concept of co-branding may also happen between two brands that sell supplementary products. Here, a car manufacturer can partner petroleum manufacture in marketing. Examples of great partnerships include Vox and Spotify, or Fatherly and Airbnb.

Focus on Niche Targeting

Some businesses can spiral growth by focusing on a specific group of customers in the market. Niche targeting involves the creative identification of customers that may need your products.

A niche strategy helps you to use your expertise in a single domain and outwit competition. It may not limit you to a specific product or audience, but it allows you to streamline marketing.

For instance, if you deal in beauty products, you may sell a product unique to the youth. That means you can use targeted marketing campaigns to reach the desired age group.

Niche targeting is more effective as it helps you to improve conversions. Since it’s more specific, it can cut down promotion costs and increase your revenues.

Turn Customers into Brand Advocates

Creative businesses focus on unique tactics to satisfy customers. They adopt products and services that can meet the needs of their customers. These tactics and marketing strategies make sense when customers leave positive reviews.

Reviews are incredibly vital for a brand’s reputation but may not be enough. Creative marketing is about converting these satisfied customers into brand ambassadors.

Brand advocates are more powerful and can help to boom a customer base. It’s also a tactic to motivate loyal customers and prevent exits. One study shows increasing customer retention by 5% can increase revenues by over 25%.

You can increase retention by offering loyalty programs, personalization, and providing targeted offers.

Use Creative Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Business

Applying creative marketing is one of the best ways to stand in an ever growing crowd. Today, the average customer encounters thousands of marketing messages in a day. Yet most businesses will increase ad spend where out of the box concepts would work.

Marketers of today sometimes find it difficult to go off the beaten trail into unknown territory. Thinking outside of the box after getting to know your customer can easily win over the hearts of your audience. Be bold, brave and experimental with your brand.