Is Gambling Luck-Based or Skill Dependent?

Is Gambling Luck-Based or Skill Dependent?

Gambling always involves some amount of luck in it but it also needs a lot of skill in certain types of games. However, as we will see, even in games that are entirely luck-based, such as roulette, skill can be an asset for players to understand their odds. Since most of us are stuck at home during these difficult times, US, European and UK casinos have been experiencing boosts in traffic. What better time to find out where luck might help you earn a quick buck and where your chances are pretty slim.


Poker is clearly an example of a game that requires a lot of skill. The World Series of Poker isn’t won by a random player but by a rather skilled individual. But poker can also involve a bit of luck. Poker is a long-term type of game where the players weigh their cards and hand and think in mathematical terms on their probability of success in the game. But in the end, if constantly dealt poor cards (and it happens), you are bound to lose regardless of skill.


The most important thing to remember is that the house always has the edge. Roulette is an entirely luck-based game but as you shall see, there is some skill to it too. First, understand why the house has an edge. Let’s say that you want to play on even numbers.  You place your bet, and if you win, you will double your stakes. Sounds fair?

In fact, roulette has a zero that is not counted as either even or odd or red or black and this means that your chances of success are not 50%, they are slightly less. Every casino game has a similar edge. This edge means that in long-term, a player cannot profit. This is why skilled players know to play roulette briefly, and if they win, they step away because on the long-term they will lose with certainty. So, roulette is mostly entirely based on luck but there is some skill in understanding the math and quitting while ahead. See some resources on Fliptroniks.


A lot of players say that blackjack is entirely based on skill and that a player can gain an advantage over the house, but as with other casino games, the house always has the edge and even though this edge is quite lower when compared to other games, it is still there and means that on the long-term, the house always wins. Even in the case of brilliant play, the house edge falls to less than 1% but it is still there. The only exception is counting cards, but this is also a long-term strategy.

Sports betting, while it does acquire a certain skill to be able to follow teams and players, it also includes a bit of luck since games can carry quite a bit of uncertainty.  Casino slots and lottery have no skill associated with them, and some might say the odds will always be stacked against you.