Symmetry Financial Group Review: Everything You Need to Know

Symmetry Financial Group Review:
Everything You Need to Know

Symmetry Financial Group is an industry-leading insurance provider based in Swannanoa, North Carolina. The company focuses on selling life insurance, as well as a number of other essential products, to people working hard to protect their families.

Symmetry Financial Group was founded in 2009 by Brandon Ellison, Brian Pope, and Casey Watkins, all of whom had years of experience in the life insurance industry before deciding to join forces.

Symmetry Financial Group holds both a favorable rating from the Better Business Bureau and many favorable employee reviews on Glassdoor. Additionally, for four years in a row, Inc Magazine. has rated Symmetry Financial Group as one of the fastest-growing U.S. companies. Entrepreneur Magazine also celebrated the company’s culture in both 2017 and 2018. As a result, Symmetry has seen major growth over the last decade and is poised to continue its exponential expansion for years to come using its winning strategy of building powerful insurance agencies that sell incredible products.

How Symmetry Financial Group Works

Symmetry Financial Group contracts individual agents to sell insurance products.. The company presents an opportunity for aspiring insurance salespeople to build their own agencies using a comprehensive collection of opportunities, tools, systems, and training to teach agents how to succeed on their own terms. Most Symmetry Financial Group agents are paid based on successful sales, and payment comes directly from the insurance companies whose products the agents sell (not from Symmetry Financial Group).

To find customers, Symmetry works predominantly with new homeowners, as well as people who have recently refinanced their homes, been approved for a home equity line of credit, or received approval for a reverse mortgage.

Individual Symmetry Financial Group agents work directly with these homeowners, traditionally in person. However, since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Symmetry agents have worked exclusively over the phone and online. What has not changed, though, is the fact that Symmetry agents don’t just aspire to complete sales; they aim to ensure that all of their clients receive extraordinary customer service and get a combination of policies and products uniquely tailored to meet their needs and protect their families for years to come.

Symmetry finds many of its prospective customers by sending them mortgage protection letters. The company also connects with many individuals online. When a homeowner completes a form and returns it to the company, either via mail or digitally, it lets Symmetry know that the homeowner is interested in purchasing a life insurance or other relevant policy. Symmetry agents can then use this data to offer them the best policies to meet their needs. Symmetry also specializes in selling better policies to individuals who already have life insurance but are overpaying.

The Symmetry Difference

In addition to selling life insurance, Symmetry provides its team members with opportunities to grow. Symmetry agents provide mentoring and guidance to others who are looking to develop in life and business by becoming Symmetry agents, and the company encourages new team members to do the same and pay it forward as their own businesses flourish and grow. Because many Symmetry agents are also homeowners with families themselves, they have a deep understanding of the products and services that they sell, as well as how to provide the resources and tools that families need to stay protected for years to come.

How the Lead System Works 

At Symmetry Financial Group, agency leaders distribute leads between their agents, giving them opportunities to sell products and services to homeowners in need. Areas with high lead flow will obviously have more leads, while areas with low leads may occasionally be somewhat slower. However, persistence is key; the best agents are those who work their hardest to close every lead available, no matter what that number is on any given day and reach out to create their own sales and grow their teams. In addition to mail-in and in-person leads, Symmetry also has access to an extensive digital lead generation system, bringing new opportunities to your inbox on a regular basis.

Why You Should Choose Symmetry Financial Group

Working with Symmetry Financial Group gives you access to some of the very best life insurance products on the market to protect your home and family, as well as a number of other services, including final expense protection, disability protection, IULs, and annuities.

Many life insurance carriers require agents to sell specific product lines. Instead, Symmetry gives its agents the unique power to sell a wide array of products from dozens of industry leaders, including Mutual of Omaha, Foresters, Transamerica, National Life Group, AIG, United Home Life, Fidelity & Guaranty Life, American Equity Investment Life, American-Amicable, and Gerber Life, and the company is constantly expanding its offerings.

Symmetry agents can create custom life insurance solutions for their clients, saving them money while helping them build a large, deeply satisfied customer base. Symmetry’s best agents have a deep understanding of the industry and the common challenges and risks facing families and homeowners. The company provides a number of opportunities to grow and develop as salespeople and team members over the course of their careers.

Company Culture at Symmetry

Symmetry Financial Group values people first and business second. Beyond selling insurance products to those who need them, Symmetry dedicates extensive time and energy to giving back, both financially and in the communities that its agents serve. The company’s Impact initiative sent team members to rebuild homes, clean up disaster areas, and paint schools. It also granted the wishes of terminally ill children in partnership with the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

As shown, Symmetry also has a number of initiatives to help develop aspiring agents into the leaders of tomorrow. Through Symmetry’s Thrive leadership development program and the company’s annual conferences, it provides team members with the in-person coaching and guidance they need to be more than just salespeople.

Core Values

Symmetry Financial Group is a people-first organization. The business is built on eight core values, which inform everything about how the company operates, grows, and serves its clients and agents:

  • Relationships matter, and people come first.
    At the heart of every Symmetry agency is someone providing essential services at great prices to families and homeowners in need. Building relationships and agencies that deliver exemplary customer service is a core tenet of Symmetry Financial Group.
  • The relentless pursuit of personal growth is a good thing. Symmetry provides extensive opportunities for agents to grow both as business leaders and people. The best Symmetry agents provide new team members with ample chances to make new connections, improve their skills, and naturally and organically become their best selves. Symmetry agents aren’t just insurance providers; they’re community leaders, parents, expert communicators, and extraordinarily talented individuals who are striving and thriving in their pursuit of more.
  • Communicate openly, honestly, and productively.
    Communication within Symmetry and with the people that the company serves is always straightforward, direct, and clear. Clients receive the very best products and services available at prices that accurately reflect their needs and the present market. Also, opportunities for growth and personal development are built on action steps and real opportunities.
  • Do the right thing – even when no one is looking.
    Symmetry Financial Group agents bring transparency, honesty, and a powerful new worldview to the insurance industry.
  • Work as a true team, and be a positive influence.
    Symmetry agents’ businesses don’t work when everything hinges on one person. Teamwork is crucial to success across the organization, and agents always deliver exemplary service while working with clients and in their communities.
  • Act like owners – and own it.
    Symmetry agents aren’t employees; they’re entrepreneurs working to build life-changing businesses for themselves, the agents they work with, and the hardworking families that they serve. Owning their businesses means that agents are more accountable but also have chances to be more than they ever could be while working for a boss at a traditional job. Countless Symmetry agents held other roles before joining the company, and their skills in sales and customer service helped them excel and get ahead as they pursued this remarkable opportunity.
  • Be of service. Do good.
    On Impact Day 2019, Symmetry Financial Group team members in 18 cities partnered with Habitat for Humanity to build homes for people in need. In Atlanta, Dallas, Baltimore, Indianapolis, Nashville, Orlando, Phoenix, and Washington, D.C., among others, the company actively made an impact, taking its goal of providing protection for homeowners to the next level by giving people in need in their communities the ability to transform their lives.
  • Have fun. Get stuff done.
    Symmetry rewards agents with extraordinary travel and incentive programs. Agents and entrepreneurs have visited destinations like Puerto Rico, Ireland, the Dominican Republic, Saint Lucia, Costa Rica, Switzerland, and Kauai over the last several years. Though these rewards come with hard work, it’s manageable, achievable, and attainable.
Going Beyond Traditional Life Insurance

Unlike some groups, Symmetry Financial Group offers more than just mortgage and final expense protection. Some of Symmetry Financial Group’s extended offerings include:

Customized Life Insurance: Symmetry’s life insurance offerings are backed by some of the biggest and best-known names in the industry, but they can be adapted and adjusted by Symmetry agents to provide families with the specific, exact protections that they need at every stage of life.

Mortgage Protection: Mortgage protection is very affordable insurance designed to give families financial security and ensure that they will be able to continue living in their homes if the unthinkable happens. In the event that a provider dies, becomes disabled, or suffers a critical illness, mortgage protection provides a chosen beneficiary with the funds to pay off their mortgage each month without any issues. With affordable premiums, agents can help families choose from over 30 carriers to find the coverage that’s perfect for them.

Final Expense Insurance: With the average funeral costing $9,000, not including final medical or funeral expenses, providing a proper memorial service for a loved one can pose a significant financial setback and substantial challenge, both monetarily and emotionally. This type of insurance helps agents ensure that their clients aren’t saddled with substantial debt, and it can be a valuable tool for individuals who otherwise don’t have the resources to prepare for a memorial service.

Term Life Insurance: Term life insurance is coverage that lasts for a specific policy term, typically between 10 and 30 years. If a family’s provider passes away, becomes disabled, or can no longer work for other reasons during this period, the death benefit is paid in cash to their named beneficiaries, giving them the ability to cover any number of expenses, including a funeral or memorial, mortgage balance, education, or ongoing costs. For individuals whose needs may change over the course of their lives, this is a great way to stay somewhat flexible, as these policies can be converted to permanent life insurance if and when needed.

Universal Life Insurance: This permanent life insurance policy is highly affordable and comprehensive, giving families a death benefit, flexible premiums, and cash value savings, which can be used both to pay expenses and provide supplementary income as needed. Homeowners have the ability to choose both their premiums and benefits and make adjustments if and when they need to, as well as the ability to set money aside, tax-deferred, for future growth with the policy.

Debt Free Life: This program gives Symmetry Financial Group clients the power to eliminate their debt in nine years or less without spending any additional money. It gives people the power to take control of their financial futures and build nest eggs for retirement using a turnkey solution that helps them stop paying back their hard-earned money to lenders, generates tax-free savings, and provides families with protection through a permanent life insurance policy. This proven solution was previously only available to a select few individuals, but through Symmetry, it is now widely available.

Disability Insurance: Injury and illness are more than just personally devastating for families; they may also have a significant impact on one’s ability to pay for monthly obligations – including mortgage payments, educational costs, and any other ongoing expenses – not to mention simply putting food on the table. Disability insurances can be seen as “paycheck protection” – a way to make sure that someone’s family is protected, even if they lose their ability to work. With 25 percent of Americans likely to become disabled before retirement, this insurance product could be more than life changing; it can be lifesaving as well.

In the event of a tragedy, the insurer’s definition of disability is more lenient than that of the Social Security Administration, making it easier to prove disability and get a claim approved. This is surprisingly affordable, especially for an individual who is healthy when they purchase their policy.

Critical Illness Insurance: Heart attacks, cancer, and other major illnesses can have a significant impact on one’s well-being and ability to earn an income. Critical illness insurance pays out when an individual is diagnosed with a critical illness or a specific condition, giving people and their families the ability to cover medical expenses and mortgage or rent payments. This gives people a chance to get better without worrying about the added financial burden created by a difficult situation.

Building Better Futures

Symmetry products also help families leverage the power of life insurance to pay for a college education. With tuition averaging $25,290 annually during the 2017–18 academic year and costing more than double that to attend a private school, it is clear that making a child’s academic dreams come true isn’t easy.

Symmetry’s SmartStart plan is a life insurance vehicle that allows parents to accumulate tax-free funds to pay for college expenses and carries on past college to provide a potential down payment on a home, their own children’s college tuition, or their retirement.

Empowering Women in the Workplace

Symmetry Financial Group has dedicated resources to help female employees and agents flourish and thrive.  Symmetry Con•nect is an initiative that gives women a place to feel safe and empower each other to reach the next levels in their careers. On monthly calls, sometimes featuring guest speakers, women at all levels of the company have an opportunity to share their triumphs, challenges, and experiences.

Giving Back Globally and Locally 

Symmetry gives back – and not just on the company’s annual Impact Day. Symmetry business owners have taken on many different initiatives to support causes close to their hearts. For example, Symmetry agents volunteer regularly with Soup Patrol, a program that delivers food and clothing to people struggling with homelessness in the Tucson area.

Another Symmetry agent recently decided not to purchase a Tesla and instead chose to raise $83,000 for the Make-A-Wish foundation, send 10 Haitian high school graduates to trade school, and deliver clean drinking water to over 700 people for the rest of their lives.

Another Symmetry business leader helped a client who had canceled her policy because she could no longer cover expenses after being diagnosed with cancer. He found a critical illness rider and worked with her insurer to get her policy reinstated, providing her with a benefit that covered the cost of her expensive – and life-changing – treatments.

Going Digital

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic moved many businesses online, Symmetry Financial Group was hard at work to empower its agents with state-of-the-art, highly innovative digital sales tools. With in-person sales processes now all but impossible, Symmetry has provided its agents with scalable solutions that still allow them to build trust and create lasting relationships throughout the sales process.