The 6 Best Ways To Finance Your Pet’s Medical Care

We’re getting our son his first puppy this summer like most kids, he loves animals. Any of us who had a pet as a child knows that the memories and positive influences are priceless.

Perhaps you’re getting your child’s first pet or you’re at a different stage in life, and you want a pet for company.

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Whatever the reason, we all want a pet to love.

But with pet ownership comes financial responsibility, and the costs can be astronomical. Often, it’s the reason we don’t add a pet to our family; it’s why we’ve put it off for so long!

If you’ve had pets before you know the costs, but do you know the best way to finance your pet’s medical care?

We’re going to look at your options, from pet insurance to animal welfare organizations.

So, no matter where you stand financially, you’ll have your pet’s medical needs covered.

Buy Pet Insurance

If you’re in the position to get insurance for your pet, then it’s advisable to do so from the very beginning because insurance companies won’t cover pre-existing conditions, so the earlier you can get cover, the better.

When buying insurance, make sure you know what your policy covers. Read the small print because all too often people presume their insurance covers everything when sometimes that’s not the case.

Also, check any limits per medical condition or within your pet’s lifetime that the policy has in place.  Most importantly, establish if the policy will pay pre or post medical care. Unfortunately, most insurers pay post-care, so you might have to find the money needed to cover the costs up front!

Look for a Cheaper Alternative, Locally And Online

If you don’t have insurance and your pet needs medical care, it can pay to shop around.

Of course, you want the best possible care for your pet, but if that’s not possible, then you’ll need an alternative.

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Just as with any profession, prices from one clinic to the next can vary. The best resource for finding out where you can get the best value is by asking other pet owners. There might be a local pet walking club or a pet park. Alternatively, go online and join a local Facebook pet group.

Contact A Veterinary College And Ask For Help

Veterinary colleges are significantly cheaper than private vet clinics, and they will always provide you (if they can) with the help you need.

Initial consultations are usually free of charge, then all you have to cover is the medical bills.

The reason they are cheaper is that student veterinarians need animals to hone their skills on. That can sound a bit frightening, but don’t worry; there’s always an experienced veterinarian assisting and instructing throughout any procedures.

Inquire About A Payment Plan

Your next option in case there isn’t a veterinary college within your vicinity is to ask for a payment plan with your local veterinary clinic.

Most clinics offer this affordable solution in the way of a pet care plan. These types of plans cover all the costs and, most importantly, mean that your pet will get the treatment needed when it needs it.

Most pre-plan structures are monthly repayment agreements plus additional interest.

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Personal Loans Are An Option

Unfortunately, sometimes veterinary bills can run into the thousands; it is at this time that you might need a personal loan to cover the costs.

The good news is they are far more affordable than resorting to using a care credit package or a credit card as the standard rates of APR are lower. All loans are subjective to pre-approval personal credit history checks, and sometimes other financial factors.

There are numerous loan options available. You could apply at your local bank, online, or consider taking out a medical loan for a pet treatment solution.

As with all loans, you have to repay the amount on a monthly repayment plan plus interest. But with a personal loan, you will have the peace of mind that your beloved pet’s getting the best care possible and that you can afford to pay the instalments.

Research Animal Welfare Organizations Near You

What happens if none of the above are viable or even possible solutions for you and your pet?

Animal welfare organizations exist for this reason. If you’ve tried every avenue and still can’t obtain veterinary assistance, you can apply for a grant to cover veterinary costs.

These organizations are non-profit, so any costs covered are non-repayable. To receive a grant, you must apply through the required channel’s and all payments are made directly to the chosen clinic.