Becoming A Ghostwriter: Your Step by Step Guide

Becoming A Ghostwriter: Your Step by Step Guide

We always wonder what’s going on behind closed doors.

There’s always more to the magic than we realize when it comes to things like our favorite songs. We know the big artist attached to the song, but the writers who wrote the song are often left hidden. The writers are ghostwriters.

Ghostwriting can apply to an assortment of other things such as blog posts or speeches, but no matter what, it’s a great job to look into. It sounds kind of tricky to get into, but it’s easier than it seems.

Below is a quick guide on how to be a ghostwriter.

What’s a Ghostwriter?

The first step to becoming a ghostwriter is knowing what it is.¬†Ghostwriters are writers that aren’t given credit for their work.

This may sound odd to some, but it’s a common profession. Even though they aren’t given credit, they are still paid through the hiring company.

As more of an incentive to get into the ghostwriting game, you can charge pretty high rates for your work. Some people prefer being able to bring in more cash while keeping their name out of things.

Depending on your abilities, you can write a book or screenplay. You could also come up with a blog article or put together a virtual newsletter. The sky is the limit!

Put in the Work

To better convince companies to hire you, you’ll need to put in the work. Read and write whenever you have the chance.

Write stories of your own, create your own blog, or write a newsletter for a family business. Submit articles to local newspapers or magazines for publication. Do whatever you can to develop a portfolio of published work.

Make sure you’re also spending some time reading. Just like you’re reading now on how to become a ghostwriter, read some other blogs and books. Learn different styles of writing so you can better adapt to your employer’s style in the future.

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Dive into Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool for getting hired and picking up projects. Look on platforms such as Facebook to find some ghostwriter groups to join. Advertise yourself on all platforms as a ghostwriter.

By joining groups on social media, you’ll be exposed to more tips and opportunities. You’ll get better at scouting out jobs, and more people will know your name. Apply to as many projects as possible and remain patient.

Make a Pitch

Don’t be afraid to pitch ideas to the closest people around you. You may know someone with a successful blog or have a friend that owns an upcoming local business.

Pitch your ghostwriting ideas to them. Once you impress them, they can help expose you to other blogs and business owners.

You Can Do It!

Learning how to become a ghostwriter seems daunting at first. As you practice your writing, it becomes easier each day. The key to all of it is patience.

Don’t forget to constantly search for opportunities around you and give pitches to your inner circle friends. You never know where your big break will come from.