Everything You Need to Know About Chat Automation

Business chatbots have already started to appear in our daily lives, and you should expect to start seeing more of them. Estimates show that up to a full 90% of all bank systems could use chat automation as soon as within just two years! On top of that, 80% of entrepreneurs are expected to use chatbots by the end of this very year, 2020.

Where Do We Already See Automated Conversations?

It might sound hard to believe that 80% of entrepreneurs will be using automatic messaging by the end of the year. What’s important to realize is that chatbots are already a common part of our business experience!

Facebook provides all business pages with an automated artificial intelligence system for handling direct messages. You’ve probably seen one of these if you’ve gone to a Facebook business page and seen the chat window open up. Many of these windows have common questions that customers ask, and the chatbot provides the answers right away!

Before Marketing Automation

There are three big stages to marketing that span the course of history. Before the modern era, advertisingĀ ran on reputation. Someone who provided a good or service would individually get to know all their customers. However good or bad their work was, their reputation would spread and customers would flock to or flee from them.

As cities grew larger and we developed electronic communication, this system broke down. It was impossible to personally meet every prospective customer. Instead, businesses would prepare mass messages to be delivered to everybody. This was the start of advertising.

The problem with advertising is that it’s not personalized. You’ll be advertising to people who have no need for your services. At the other end, the customer can read or listen to what a business claims, but they have no way of knowing if it’s really true.

The next big shift in automation has arrived. It allows for greater personalization, which means less inefficiency and more business success.

The Era of Marketing Automation

Artificial intelligence has already allowed us to start using targeted advertising. Instead of sending ads about new tires to everybody within 10 miles, AI allows us to find just those people who need tires, and offer a much-needed service to them

As the trend of automatic targeted ads grows stronger, the reputation of ads will change. Instead of being annoyances, 95% of which don’t apply to you, you’ll find that they offer exactly the things you’re looking for. This is better for both businesses and customers!

There are many great sources you can look at if you want to learn more aboutĀ what is CCM, exactly, and how it can help you take your business to the next level.