Why Poland Is the Top
Outsource Destination in
Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe is a common outsource destination, considering the price/quality rate of the end product. However, Eastern Europe is not a single country, it contains a lot of countries with their peculiarities, pros, and cons.

Poland can be considered a top destination to outsource software development to Eastern Europe. Why though? Read the article and find out whether Poland is good enough to become your next outsourcing country.

Benefits of Outsourcing to Poland

High Skilled Developers
Poland offers numerous educational programs to its citizens and the quality of education is high. More and more international students are going to Poland to study IT every year. Therefore, the graduates of the universities have a great background in both theory and practice of software development.
However, education is not everything. Experience means a lot when working in IT, especially if it is a remote project. In outsourcing, people expect developers to already know ins and outs. Luckily, software development in Poland has started to arise years ago and there are plenty of developers who have been in the industry for quite some time.
With education and skills combined, HackerRank put Poland in the top-3 developers by country.

The Biggest Talent Pool in Eastern Europe
We have mentioned that a lot of international students are coming to Poland to study IT. Usually, they keep on living in the country. So we have Polish and international students combined which is already a lot.
However, there is more to that. Developers from Belarussia and Ukraine actively move to Poland for higher living standards. It is not that difficult to relocate for them, but they do receive a lot of benefits after moving.
Consequently, Poland has a global talent pool in one country.

EU Membership
Poland has been an official EU member since 2004. You may think that it does not matter much for software development projects. Yet, EU membership is a benefit, especially if your company is located in Western Europe.
Polish developers have an excellent understanding of the legal field of the EU. They are open to relocating as well. If you enjoyed working with a developer, you may want to invite them to become a part of your in-house team. With developers outside the EU, it is more difficult since they have to get visas and have different rights and duties. Polish developers have no such problems.

Economic and IT Industry Stability
Stability is extremely important when you decide to outsource – you need to know where your money goes and whether it is safe to invest in someone outside your country. Poland can provide this feeling of safety and security to you since their economy in general and the IT industry, in particular, are stable.

Special Tax Zones for IT Companies
The IT industry is supported by the Polish government: they offer tax exemptions so that IT companies create new jobs and attract new investments.

Poland is more expensive than any of its neighbors in Eastern Europe. However, taking into account all the benefits, you know what you are paying for and how high-quality a product you will receive.
At the same time, developers in Poland have much lower pay rates than the US or any country in Western Europe. You get the same quality, and you save money (highly relevant for startups) – what else is there to ask for?

Convenient Time Zone
Poland has the same time zone as the whole of Europe which means that your workflow is pretty much the same. You do not have to wait for the employees to get to work or stop the working process because it is time for them to go home. You can enjoy instant communication and bug fixing.
It is trickier with the US but it is only a 5-6 hours difference, compared to Asia with a 9-12 hours difference.

Poland is the ultimate outsource destination not only within Eastern Europe but globally as well. While providing a big talent pool of talented and skilled developers, they have lower pay rates than in the US or Western Europe. You can enjoy real-time collaboration, economic stability, tax exemptions, and perks of outsourcing to EU members. Poland is a gem of Eastern Europe and you should totally give it a try.