Best PHP Frameworks
For Website Development

Laravel, Symfony, and Yii are the best frameworks, and they are most used for PHP development. There are many others, of course. We will share with you what we’ve tested and tried for years to advise our clients and you.


Choose Laravel if you need accelerated development. From authorization to e-mail sending, it contains all functions necessary to fulfill the basic needs of your website, building a strong base of well-performing functionality for your early users. This way, we can speed up the production and let you earn money and traffic right away while your development team keeps upgrading the product and building additional functionality. The working process improves due to reusable code, pre-made functions, clear documentation, and strong community support. Make your server-side structure elegant in small periods of time and keep growing your business afterward with Laravel!


It is the best PHP framework for enterprise-sized projects and those who aim to build on many additional functionalities and scale the development. If you need complex features on a smoothly working website used by millions of users at the same time – Symfony is going to jazz it all up! Increased accuracy, flexible solutions, automated data migration, and accelerated speed of your website – these are only a few pros that come to mind. Symfony also provides reusable code, elaborate security tools, and many additional libraries.

However, the development will occur not as fast as with Laravel. Still, it is expected from high-scale projects. I mean, you cannot ascend Everest in just a few days. What we know for sure, is that if software development of enterprise products is like climbing high-peak mountains, then Symfony is definitely the best equipment for that.


If you need to reduce the database burden on memory and develop a simple app fast, Yii is there for you. It is an acronym for “Yes, It Is!” so it is the most confident framework of all! It is a worth-noticing solution for minimalistic websites with simple functionality. Yii does not contain redundant tools that will overweight your product, so your app will work fast. Also, it uses security measures, including SQL injections and authentication controls. However, if you need to develop a project that is middle-sized and bigger – better think of Laravel and Symfony. Leave small projects to Yii!

Why Framework Matters

Choosing a framework for your website is like deciding on what wood you should use to construct the house. Yes, they all have heartwoods and growth rings. However, some fit frames, and others are better for thermal isolation. Also, you need to consider so many things! Like, what’s the climate? What’s your budget, and how will you use the building? Is it for long term use or several seasons?

With frameworks, there are also many factors influencing the choice. Like, what is the industry your product targets? Do you need to work with complex databases? Do you plan to scale shortly? Do you need to put special priority on security, or you need basic protection features? After all, what is your budget, and how fast do you need the production to occur? Your framework will define many aspects of development, whether they are smooth on all stages or stressful.

Choosing the Right Framework

You need to analyze a product, its aims, purposes, and features. Outsourcing development companies usually have different teams, specializing in separate PHP frameworks (we know, we do!). Thus, it is best to consult with project managers directly, or you can write to us!

For example, sometimes our clients have already come up with platforms, frameworks, and technologies in mind. Sometimes, these tools are not compatible with the project requirements. To prevent issues with debugging, project management, and time efficiency, we always discuss every aspect of development for each framework. You can always refer to outsourcing development companies, such as SapientPro. We can analyze project requirements and detect what framework is best in price-quality ratio. And if you need our help, be sure to write. We will gladly answer.