Why Businesses Need to
Encourage Employee Wellbeing

Positive well-being is beneficial for both employees and employers. Not only does it make for happier workers, but it also boosts productivity, morale, and reduces employee turnover. If an employee is happy at their place of work, they are less likely to look for a job elsewhere and give it their all at their current place of work. Investing in the wellbeing of employees makes sound business sense, yet health and wellness are not often the focus of many businesses.

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This can be a costly mistake.

Let’s delve deeper as to why businesses need to encourage employee wellbeing and how they can go about achieving it.

The Benefits of a Happier Workforce

Ensuring that your employees are happy can lead to many benefits such as:

Reduced Stress

When an employee knows that they work for a business that truly cares for their staff, they are less likely to arrive at work stressed. This may be because they feel more comfortable sharing any issues they may be experiencing outside or within the workplace, and this can help lift a weight from their shoulders.

Better Mental Health

Improved mental health among employees is a great way to lift morale and boost productivity. Poor mental health can lead to absent workers which in the end is costly for the business.

Boosted Productivity

Happier and healthier employees are less likely to call in sick and are more likely to look forward to heading to work each day. A productive workforce will also make for a better performing business, and usually, the work produced is completed to a higher quality.

Loyal Employees

Unhappy and unmotivated employees are more likely to look for a job elsewhere and leave; and considering how expensive the hiring process can be, it is within a business’s best interests to retain their existing employees. Loyal employees also paint a positive brand image, which is incredibly beneficial for a business’s public relations.

How to Improve Employee Wellbeing

How does a business keep its employees happy and healthy? Read the following tips:

Create a Safe Work Environment

Employees want to feel safe and content with their surroundings, both when at home and at work. However, many businesses fail to create a safe and friendly work environment, which can not only be dangerous for employees but also lead to unhappy and demotivated staff.

If you are unsure about whether your employees are safe, there are many blogs offering tips and guidance on providing a safe workplace. You need to ensure that your business is compliant with any laws and regulations.

Have an Open Door Policy

Encourage your employees to speak to upper management if they are encountering any problems, whether these issues are at or outside of work. While many businesses would prefer their employees to leave their home-life at the workplace doors, this is not always feasible. And sometimes, when an employee feels listened to and valued, they are more likely to continue their workplace duties more productively.

Of course, you may wish to put limitations on the open-door policy. For example, have a weekly team meeting that can expand into a one-on-one session for any members who would like to discuss any problems further. You should also insist on a monthly review session with each of your team members so that you can check-in and see how they are doing.

Encourage Physical Exercise

Physical exercise leads to better mental health. It can also leave a person to energize for the rest of the day. There are many ways to encourage physical exercise at the workplace, such as:

Business leaders need to invest in initiatives that create a great workplace environment. By doing so, you will boost morale and productivity amongst the workforce and experience better employee retention.