5 Top Reasons to Have the
Best SERP Tracking Tools

Assume you have a manual spreadsheet, and you have to update it each day. Or maybe, you can access it weekly. Neither of these options is ideal – especially if you want to track many keywords, SERP features, different search engines, and competitors.

Luckily, there is an excellent way for you to track SERP activity. You need to have the best free SERP checker, where you can enter all the keywords you plan to monitor, among other features.

With this tool, you don’t have to track it manually on spreadsheets. Also, there will be no waiting for fresh data.

Sounds good? If so, what features should you look for while getting the SERP tracking tool?

Accessing Accurate Ranking Updates 

In this digital time, the SERP position will change very fast. So, you need a SERP tracker that is frequently updated and has the latest accurate ranking data – after checking with the free rank checker. Therefore, please don’t choose a tool to wait for days before it can be updated. So, you have to access real-time on-demand data.

A good tool is one that updates the keyword sets automatically after 24 hours. However, you can also refresh ranking data with a click.

Granular Tracking

A good SERP tracking software is one that offers you granular details and a high-level dashboard. The other thing that may interest you is an option of differentiating between desktop rankings and mobile.

With reliable software, you can track keyword rankings at the target country, state, or city. Then, compared the keyword position for mobile and desktop.

Monitors Performance on SERP Features

If you want to rank in a better position or grab a specific SERP feature, you should know the keywords that trigger them. Later, look for actions that are needed for you to steal from the competition.

For example, keywords that have existing top 3 rankings only need minor content updates for them to grab a SERP feature.

A good tool helps you track many different SERP features in all keywords through a single view. That enables you to know where the opportunities lie and how you can capitalize on them.

Run Competitor Comparisons

The unfortunate thing is that rankings keep fluctuating. You, therefore, need to track on areas you are gaining and losing to competitors. That also enables you to identify both threats and opportunities.

If you get a good tool, it will distribute keywords into buckets or groups by position. That will help you track progress and then compare ranking distributions against your competitors. The success is similar to having the best antivirus for gamers.

Track SERP Movement Across Major Search Engines

For most SERP tracking tools, they allow you only to track keyword rankings via Google. However, to monitor your SEO properly, then you should track SERP movement through major search engines. This is essential, especially with clients from Russia and China.

A good tool should allow you to choose from major search engines: Google, Baidu, Bing, Yandex, and YouTube.


As you have seen, SERP ranking tools are essential for your business. It therefore means that you need to have the best SERP tracking tool for the success of your website’s SERP ranking.