Everything You Need to Know About Pet Franchising

Modern Brits as well as people across USA are more besotted with their pets than ever. Maybe it’s because we’ve all been stuck at home so much for the last 12 months, and pets have become an even greater comfort, and often the only source of social interaction we see in a day. While the country has been cutting spending in the last decade (even more so since we were plunged back into a recession), people haven’t slowed their spending when it comes to pets and related products.

The UK pet industry is set to hit £7 billion this year. And since pet products and services seem to defy the odds when it comes to the pet industry, making pet franchises the perfect venture of the current economic climate. Here’s everything you need to know about pet franchising…

Humanizing Pets

With pet owners more and more inclined to see their pets as family members, rather than simply animals, they’re quite happy to spend a lot of money on them. What prompts this varies across demographics, but key factors include a rise in single-occupancy houses, more couples enjoying double incomes, rising divorce rates, and widowed seniors.

A lot of the time, pets become a household’s main focus and a vital source of affection and companionship. And because our pets bring us so much joy, we’re more than happy to make a fuss of them and lavish them with gifts and a life of luxury.

Premium Pet Products

Inevitably this has led to the rise of premium pet products. With the longevity and health of our beloved pets of paramount importance to their owners, consumers are forking out a fortune for luxury pet diets featuring high-quality ingredients. Organic, all-natural, and meat on a par with what humans eat are just some of the ways pet food has massively upped its game in recent years. New niches offering high-quality pet products are all the rage. Therefore, a there will always be a constant demand for pet food and pet retail franchises.

Pet Care

A lot of pet owners are also full-time workers, who need care solutions for their pets while they’re at the office. The demand for pet boarding kennels, walkers, and animal minders has skyrocketed in recent years, creating a whole new industry centered around the safety and wellbeing of your pets. Doggy daycares and social companions are all the rage, as they offer our pets essential exercise, company, and activities to keep them entertained when their owners aren’t home. As franchises are already-established businesses, dog walking franchises are often great ideas because the brand name will be recognized and the franchisor will be able to assist with effective marketing to get your local franchise off the ground. Once off the leash, you’ll be able to build up your pet care franchise into an asset which one day you’ll be able to sell as a franchise resale.

Pet Pampering

On a similar note, the desire to pamper our pets has also been growing. With dog grooming particularly popular, not only are owners looking to ensure their pets have essential maintenance, but they’re also keen to ensure they’re as coiffed and trendy as possible. Doubtless, the rise of pet influencer accounts on social media has a lot to do with this!

Requirements for Pet Franchises

If you’re considering starting a pet franchise or franchising your existing pet brand, it’s important to ensure you comply with all of the necessary manufacturing legislation and animal welfare guidance. You can contact the RSPCA to get more information on what is required here.


If your pet franchise involves animal boarding then it will be subject to 1963’s Animal Boarding Establishments Act. You will have to obtain a license from your local council before you can operate. Such licenses are granted at the council’s discretion, and they will take into account how suitable they find your accommodations and whether animals in your care are properly protected.

Pet Food

With pet food such a huge niche in this market, it’s important to ensure you comply with all the relevant legislation – some 50 pieces, according to the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association. Laws are very stringent when it comes to pet food, and since it is produced in largely the same manner as human food there are some regulations that govern human food production which are just as relevant to pet food manufacturing.


It’s important to ensure you have adequate insurance cover from the start. What you need will vary depending on whether you run your business from home or not, as well as exactly what services you’re offering. Your insurance will need to cover public liability as well as any pets in your care, plus property damage.

Image by Michal Jarmoluk from Pixabay

When you’re working with animals directly, building trusting relationships with your clients is essential. They need to know you are trustworthy enough for them to leave their beloved pets in your care, so you will need to do everything possible to put them at ease and allay any concerns they may have.

Providing animal care training guidance for franchisees is a sign of a great franchise package.


If there are transportation requirements for your role you will need to be sure you have adequate cages and harnesses to keep your passengers safe, as well as insurance that covers special usage.

Pet franchising is a great industry with a diverse range of exciting business models to choose from. It offers a recession-proof and rewarding career choice and may be the perfect direction for you to take. There are a wide range of top franchises out there so whether you’re interested in a dog walking franchise or a pet food retail franchise, you’re sure to find something that matches your interests in the world of franchising.