Important Tips for
Pinterest Marketing 

Any businesses these days will find it difficult to make progress and increase profitability without digital marketing. Today, businesses are using multiple platforms for their digital marketing activities. Ranging from online stores to Google search optimization and Facebook ads, the possibilities with digital marketing are endless.

One social media platform that is often underestimated for the reach it provides to businesses is Pinterest. When compared to Instagram marketing, Pinterest might not be as popular. However, we all have used Pinterest at least once to get some aesthetic pictures or inspirations. If you are looking to do something different for your business, then here is how you too can use this platform for your business’s growth.

Strategies for Successful Pinterest Marketing

1. Use a business account

Business accounts on various social media platforms tend to work very similarly. For example, both Pinterest and Instagram business accounts give you resourceful insights on your account activity and engagement. Personal accounts do not give these insights, and neither do they have pins that can lead your viewers to your brand’s website.

If you are trying to get onboard with Pinterest marketing, don’t use a personal account, set up a business account instead. Here is how you can create one for yourself:

  • If you already have a personal account, click on your profile picture
  • Tap “settings” menu
  • Go to “account settings”
  • Tap on “link business accounts”
  • Select “create” to make a business account and link it with your personal one
  • You will get numerous prompts, follow each of them
  • Tap done, and you are good to go

If you don’t want to link your accounts, simply create a new business account here. You also have the option of converting your personal account to your business account. This conversion will allow you to keep your existing followers along with all your pins and other settings.

To convert your private account to a business account:

  • Click the drop-down menu icon on the top right corner
  • Go to account settings
  • You will see “Convert to business account”, click the “get started” button right next to it
  • Click switch to business
2. Run ads

When you are setting up your business account, you will see a prompt from Pinterest that will inquire whether or not you wish to use interest ads in the future. This is very important because this will decide whether or not you will get ad suggestions by Pinterest. Make sure to select “not sure” or “yes” instead of a hard “no”.

Pinterest, like all other social media platforms, lets you run promotional ads that help increase your reach and following. Ads on this platform are rather very simplistic. They are just like regular pins but are intended for a greater reach and exposure. These pins are sponsored and are much more likely to show up in search results than regular pins. As a business account, you can choose:

  • To sponsor an existing pin
  • Create a new, sponsored pin to run as ad
  • Promote a pin from a website

Pinterest uses advanced algorithms and presents your paid ads on users’ feeds based on their history of searches and other activities. You can filter out the audience you want to target. When setting up the ad, specify the target audience based on demographics factors and personal interests.

There are more than just one kind of Pinterest ad:

  • Single regular pin
  • Carousel ads, including several pins that need to be swiped to view the next pin
  • Video ads that are similar to Instagram video ads
  • Shopping pin ads that include a small overview of product details such as the brand name and/or price
  • “install app” pins, online stores with mobile apps can use these

Different kinds of ads fit different goals and purposes. Make sure to understand the objective of your Pinterest marketing and why you are targeting a particular audience. Do you want them to visit your website, or do you want them to make a purchase? Answering such simple questions can help you decide which type of ad to invest in.

3. Be Consistent

The platform itself recommends you to pin at least once each day. This helps maintain engagement on your account and make you look active so more people will follow you. Pinning frequently also ensures that your content is more likely to show up on people’s feeds and become more visible, resulting in larger reach. People have access to fast-speed Mediacom internet packages, at home, offices or even schools that they use to regularly check up their social media. Make use of this new-found habit in people to increase engagement on your account.

4. Make Use of Seasonal Events and Occasions

Pinterest is the hub of inspirational posts and DIY ideas. Whether it is for wedding inspiration or birthday décor, or a simple DIY project at home for kids, people look up to Pinterest a lot! Make sure to tap in to this factor and provide your audience with valuable content during seasonal occasions.

If it’s Christmas or New Years, do some inspirational posts for the occasion, and when selling a product or service, promote seasonal discounts during these occasions through paid ads. On holidays like Thanksgiving and Easter, you can run discount campaigns or CSR campaigns on Pinterest. For each pin or interaction, you can promise to donate a dollar to a charity. Meanwhile, during summer and winter seasons, posts for wedding and birthday occasions will increase engagement.

5. Don’t Forget Keywords

We have all heard a lot about keywords and SEO in content writing. But let’s not forget how keywords play a significant role in social media marketing. Platforms like YouTube let you add tags and hashtags, which are basically keywords that people use in their searches. Same goes for the hashtag case on Instagram. People are always searching for keywords and you will have greater chances of becoming frequently visible to them.

Keywords are equally important when it comes to Pinterest optimization. You must use high ranking keywords in your titles, brand names, pin, captions, and even hashtags to gain a higher rank on search results on Pinterest and on google as well.

Summing It All Up 

To sum up, we can all agree that Pinterest is a versatile platform that has a lot of opportunities for you to market your brand. You can use it to run a variety of ads that target a specific audience. It is also very good for generating traffic towards your website, so interlinking various platforms together works remarkably well.