Questions You Should Ask Before
Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

After being hurt in a serious accident, your next step is to file a personal injury lawsuit. Because dealing with insurance companies can be tricky, it’s important to seek professional representation. Unfortunately, not every lawyer has your best interest at heart. Here are some key questions you should ask before hiring a Long Island personal injury lawyer.

What Is Your Experience with Similar Cases?

Don’t hesitate to ask about a lawyer’s level of experience. When dealing with a personal injury claim, it’s rarely a good idea to hire a newbie. You need car accident lawyers in Austin who have dealt with similar cases in the past.

If you choose an unproven lawyer who doesn’t have a great deal of real-world experience, there’s a greater chance of you losing the case. Nothing beats having a veteran in your corner. They’ll already know what to expect, which gives you a big advantage when seeking an insurance claim.

What Are Your Fees?

Before making a final decision, it’s a good idea to find out how much the attorney charges for their services. The overwhelming majority of lawyers work on a contingency fee basis, which means clients don’t have to pay any money up front. After the case has been settled, they will receive a percentage of the total award.

While some lawyers charge a 25 percent contingency fee, others require 40 percent of the money damages. It’s important to know this information prior to signing a contract. Remember, never sacrifice quality legal representation in order to save a little money. A good personal injury attorney in Houston can get you an even bigger settlement in the long run.

Who Will Handle My Case?

You absolutely need to know who will be handling your case. To lighten their workload, some lawyers will assign your case to someone else in the firm. The bad news is this individual may not have the same skill set. They could also have far less experience under their belt.

Make sure the lawyer has enough time to devote to you. It can take hours to research certain aspects of a case. If their schedule is too busy, the best approach is to search for another Long Island person injury lawyer.

What’s Your Success Rate at Trials?

It’s true that most personal injury claims are eventually settled out of court. Nevertheless, there’s always a chance your case could be taken to the courtroom. This further highlights the importance of hiring a reputable Long Island personal injury lawyer.

Good lawyers are always prepared for every possibility. They work hard to get clients the money that they deserve. Make sure the person you choose has won cases before a jury. Unconfident lawyers are often afraid to even take a case to court. This can lead to you being offered an unfair settlement from the insurance company.

What Is My Role in the Lawsuit?

It’s important to know your expected role in a personal injury lawsuit. Most people want their lawyer to handle the majority of the legwork. From communicating with the insurance company to submitting important documents, a lawyer can handle a wide range of different tasks. This equates to less stress on the client’s behalf.

Other people prefer to be more hands-on. They want to be involved in virtually every aspect of the case. However, some lawyers want their clients to remain on the sidelines.

Can I Speak to a Past Client?

When interviewing a lawyer, be sure to ask for a few references. Speaking to a past client will give you a lot of insight. Successful lawyers will have no problem directing you to satisfied customers.

Don’t rely solely on testimonials posted on the law firm’s website. These endorsements are often edited, which can give you a false sense of confidence.