Experience How UI Affects Your
Winning Percentage in Brain Games

Many individuals have sat behind their tv screens watching quiz competitions and shows and answering the questions asked even before the contestant does. These smart geniuses now have a chance to enjoy playing such brainy games and earn real money rewards while doing so.Trivia-based games that are challenging to the brain are gaining popularity amongst many individuals playing real money social games on various gaming platforms.Zupee Gold and GetMega are two such popular online gaming platforms that offer games that challenge the mind and players can win real cash rewards through these games.

A Brief Glance at Zupee Gold and GetMega

With the growing popularity of real money rewards online gaming platforms, Zupee Gold and GetMega are quickly climbing the charts and gradually becoming the most opted choices when it comes to such types of games. Given below are certain facts and an insight into certain important aspects like User Interface, legitimacy, types of games available on the two gaming platforms.

User Interface (UI)

The interaction between the game and the player in any and every way needed is what constitutes the use of a User Interface in these gaming apps and platforms.

The Zupee Gold User Interface is very simple and does not have too many complexities to it. The UI is required to be responsive so that the players playing trivia games face no disruption. With the smooth UI program, the players’ gaming experience on Zupee Gold is not hindered in any way. And this is the reason why so many players are opting for Zupee Gold.

However, like most other renowned trivia-based gaming platforms, Zupee Gold does not have a horizontal screen orientation. This seems to be the only thing affecting the overall UI experience faced by the players on the platform.

The GetMega UI experience is smooth and seamless. It is very intuitive and responsive. This helps the players to interact with the games without disruptions and earn more and more rewards. GetMega has both horizontal and vertical gameplay experiences available on the app. The screen orientation of the gameplay is based on the type of game being played on the platform.

Number of Games Available on the Gaming Platform

Zupee Gold is a gaming platform that offers specifically trivia-based games only. So naturally, the variety of games available is limited to games under the trivia category only. However, there are over 1000 quiz-based tournaments available to play every day. The players have full liberty and the opportunity to pick and choose the niche from where the questions are to be asked. The cash rewards can be instantly withdrawn to the players’ PayTM wallet, this clarity and fast cash-outs help Zupee Gold gain loyal users as well as new players with every passing day.

GetMega offers a variety of games to its players in three different categories. Namely, Cards, Casual, and Trivia. Safe and exciting card games like Poker and Rummy are options under the card games category. Carrom, Warship, GoPool are some popular options amongst other games available in the Casual games category.

And lastly, GetMega has three amazing Trivia games available to play, named, 123, PicMe, and GK.  These trivia games require creativity, perception and strategy to play and win exciting real money rewards.

Security and Legitimacy

Zupee Gold has a pretty strict enrollment process, this itself signifies how fine the security system is. Players have complete transparency regarding their winnings and rewards. Instant transfer to the players’ PayTM wallet is a feature that removes any doubt of Zupee Gold’s claim to players to play and win real money rewards.

It allows only real players and verifies players through social media or google which obliterates any chances of bots passing through and playing the trivia games with the players.

GetMega only allows authenticated and verified players to participate in the games available on the app. The verification is done either through mobile phone numbers or Facebook profiles and input. The GetMega gaming platform does not accept bots of any kind and only features skill-based games that have nothing to do with luck or chance.

It functions within the laws of the Indian legal system and has certifications from top international bodies. Its RNG certification prevents any foul play and allows a level field for every player.

Audio-Video Feature

Although Zupee Gold does not have any heavy graphics, the visual gameplay experience is seamless and easy for the players. However, it does not have any such audio-video feature available on it.

GetMega is the only gaming platform in India at the moment that has the new audio-video feature available on its app. This feature makes the gaming experience a delight with family and friends.

Players should beware of fraudulent gaming platforms online claiming to offer real money rewards. Mindfully check reviews, websites, and online ratings before participating in games on such online gaming platforms.