How Can a Continuous Glucose
Monitor (CGM Sensor) Help Me?

In recent times, more and more people are focusing on improving their general health and wellbeing. More people subscribe to healthy living by choosing to exercise often, diet, and avoid food that contains toxins that can cause long-term adverse effects. However, our day-to-day habits and routines might be unhealthy even without us knowing. For example, the morning coffee you need to start the day might be your everyday routine. Unfortunately, the unbalance in our blood sugar levels is hugely affected by many harmless routines such as this. If maintaining a healthy lifestyle is what you are looking for, you should consider a Continuous Glucose Monitoring System.

The phrase “Continuous Glucose Monitoring” has become quite popular these days. Healthy living influencers, dieting experts and enthusiasts continue to hammer on how important a CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitor) is for everyone. It is tricky to understand the need for a blood sugar monitor, especially if you do not have diabetes. However, our body system is very sensitive. Our daily routines and unhealthy practices can sometimes cause an imbalance in our blood sugar levels, which in turn can cause adverse effects on our hormonal system, functionality, or general wellbeing.

CGM Sensor

A Continuous Glucose Monitoring Sensor is a simple tool that provides authentic information and readings about your health. Before now, a CGM Sensor was only found in the doctor’s office. They were expensive and far from reach from the average person. Today, the sensor is readily available for anyone who wants to utilize it. It is placed at the back of the arm, with a thin and light filament that stays under your skin; the sensor monitors your glucose reading, and you get the readings by scanning the sensor with your smartphone. It is easy and comfortable to use and does not require any finger prick or injections of any kind.

Our body system works constantly to protect the body from excess sugar; the pancreatic organ produces insulin, which helps regulate and process excess sugars in the body. However, our restaurants and refrigerator are stuffed with food high in carbs, fat, and sugar. As we consume them every day, our body tries to process and regulate them and gradually becomes weaker in regulating excess sugar. In some cases, the sugar content in our body becomes too much for our insulin enzymes to process, resulting in adverse effects like fatigue and dizziness. Occurrences like this should be taken seriously, as the long-term effects of high blood sugar levels could be catastrophic to the body. The Continuous Glucose Monitoring Sensor is built and effective to help you monitor your blood sugar levels at all times. It helps you understand when there’s an unusual elevation in your blood sugar level and is beneficial to help you take quick action.

With the help of the CGM sensor, anyone would be able to continuously monitor their glucose levels for as long as 14 days. During the 14 days, you will receive firsthand insight into how your lifestyle, diet or stress levels affect and influence your blood sugar level. Having all this information at your fingertips is undoubtedly the key to better and healthier living. The information will help you notice patterns and habits that are detrimental or beneficial for your health and help you choose a better, healthier lifestyle.

Long Term Effects of High Blood Sugar Level

The long-term effects of high blood sugar levels are catastrophic to the body and can even lead to death. Some of the confirmed effects include Type-2 diabetes, skin problems, chances of contracting heart diseases, low sexual desire and performance, high risk of contracting infections, obesity, high risk of kidney failure, poor eyesight, frequent constipation and digestive problems, damage to blood vessels, risk of stroke and heart attack, deteriorating memory and general oral health problems. The list continues with other minor but significant effects, which makes it even more important for everyone to pay crucial attention to their blood sugar level at all times and as part of their healthy lifestyle.

A false narrative that has plagued many people for years is the belief that glucose monitors are only for diabetic patients. However, this is false. Everyone is now becoming aware of how paying attention to their health and blood sugar levels is key to staying healthy and free from long-term health complications. If you are looking to buy a CGM sensor, please visit AgelessRx is a telehealth service that is committed to providing you with the best tools that can help you safeguard your health. By using the Continuous Glucose Monitoring Sensor, you’re taking your health into your own hands and protecting yourself from unforeseen health conditions that could arise from elevated blood sugar levels.