Timeless Beauty:
The Top Benefits of Choosing
Parquet Flooring

Parquet flooring is one of the most timeless flooring choices that homeowners prefer for a traditional or classic look. It is made from a wide selection of wooden grains that are put together to form a pattern or look. Since there are no limits to the type or size of patterns placed in a room, it might make the homeowner have a lot more options than any standard grains and types of wood.

What Exactly Is Parquet Flooring? 

Parquet, which means a small platform, is a warm, wooden, and natural flooring. It goes well with modern, chic, and rustic environments. It’s versatile and lets you customize your home by choosing from varied types, colors, and designs of wood.

Specifically, parquet is the kind of floor that is made of high-quality, solid wood of varying thickness, usually ranging from ten to twenty millimeters. It can also be made by assembling individual wooden elements of a minimum thickness of three mm or less. A birch plywood or something similar can be used for support.

Top Benefits of Parquet Flooring 

Oak parquet flooring comes with a host of benefits to make a popular choice among homeowners. Here’s listing out some of the benefits associated with parquet flooring.

Appeal and Beauty 

As parquet is made up of wood, it offers a warm feeling to any area where you choose to install it. The options of angular and geometric pattern have turned it into the chosen flooring in many grand places through time. As you can change the materials and patterns as you want, parquet flooring delivers a modern or classic look to your home.

To start with, you can select from different types of materials and patterns, along with stain parquet wood in various colors. Since wooden flooring has always been the reference point when thinking of luxury and comfort, it should come as no surprise that parquet floors are seen in hotels and homes across the world.

The Uniqueness Factor 

Parquet floors are the option to consider when you are looking for a flooring option that is truly unique. Every tile is inherently because the materials get combined and cut before the tiles are installed. As such, you can customize the colors, grains, materials, and patterns of parquet flooring to ensure that no two rooms in your home look the same.

Non-Allergenic to The Residents 

Unlike rugs and carpets that tend to harbor allergens, dirt, and dust, parquet flooring has no place for such unwelcome guests. It is a good choice for families with young kids who are highly at risk of getting allergies or older people who already have allergies.

The Stability of Parquet Flooring 

Conventional wood flooring is not as stable as parquet flooring. After all, parquet is made of three wooden layers that are cut at 90-degree angles for reducing any movement in the wood. The topmost layer of parquet flooring is called the wear layer. It is carefully chosen while manufacturing to make sure that the product is durable and stands the test of time. The layers right below this top layer guarantee higher stability by absorbing impact.

A Cost-Effective Solution 

As the lower layers aren’t visible, parquet flooring can be manufactured with more cost-effective but good quality materials below the top layer. It helps to reduce the overall cost associated with the flooring solution.

Now that the term parquet flooring and its benefits are clear to you, it’s time to talk to professionals to have this type of flooring installed in your home. You will love the look and feel of wooden parquet flooring.