Mini-Podcasting On The Rise:
Introducing Jam – New Creator Platform to Deliver “Bite-Sized Audio” via Daily Texts

Jam Heads to Comic-Con to Offer First Look at Platform and Grow Creator Community

Introducing Jam, a new creator platform to share and listen to bite-sized audio. Jam provides creators with an opportunity to engage with a wider audience of listeners with quick, compelling short-form audio snippets that are “just a minute” (or so). Jam fills a gap in the audio space that other platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok have made popular for text, photos, and videos. This makes it easy for listeners to discover shorter content, as new creators as well as existing brands like Billboard, WSJ, 60-Second Science, and NBA Fast Break lean into the trend with “minute briefings” and other mini-podcasts. After a year in closed Beta, the company is headed to Comic-Con today to give attendees a first look at the platform and start to grow its community of creators and listeners.

Audio has long been a key medium for entertainment but has been slower to adapt to the short-form style that’s growing increasingly popular with users. Jam offers creators a way to keep their users more engaged by filling time in shorter bursts and accommodating busy schedules. It’s a new way to listen, with unique content that often feels more like a one-on-one conversation. Once set up on Jam, creators can deliver content whenever they choose, including daily, weekly, or on-the-fly in response to current trends and news. The entire model is set up to provide listeners with a rotation of fresh and relevant content, delivered directly via text message.

“Short audio connects creators and listeners in a genuinely new way… it’s personal and authentic, like a voicemail left by a friend. Jam makes it easy for creators to record their insight, news, or message, and delivers it to listeners at a time that’s right for them – whether they’re walking the dog, running a quick errand, or making lunch,” said Pete Davies, Co-Founder and CEO of Jam. “We’re excited to bring Jam to the content-rich community at Comic-Con, an event famous for its ability to bring creators and their audience closer together. That’s what Jam is all about.”

To get started with Jam, users simply sign up with their phone number or text LISTEN to 552266, then curate a list of Jams to receive each morning via text. The Jam library is constantly expanding to include a wide range of content from across categories and genres. This provides creators with fast and easy access to new audiences, while enabling users to easily find bite-sized audio content from top media brands and popular podcasters, as well as discover new and emerging creators.

“In the age of short-form content, audio has largely been left out. It’s puzzling because to us, audio is the best way to convey emotion and create a genuine connection between creative shorts and their listeners,” said Chris Pruett, Co-Founder and CTO of Jam. “With Jam we’ve built an engaging, inclusive, and convenient way for creators and listeners to communicate, without either having to sacrifice too much of their busy day.”

“Making Jams is a great way to distill down the key takeaway points on more complex topics, while keeping the audience engaged and interested,” said Jam creator Molly Eaton, owner of Northern Roots Bee Co. Eaton’s Hive Tales Jam offers quick insights and tips for bee enthusiasts, which includes a growing number of backyard and urban beekeepers. “The brevity of my Jams is the best part – it really makes it easy for me as well as my listeners to synthesize the most essential, most interesting information with 2-3 minutes of content each week.”

Get connected with Jam ahead of Comic-Con 2022:

Jam will be on-site at Comic-Con 2022 with a team of Jambassadors to answer questions about the platform, hand out gifts, and more.


About Jam

Jam is audio’s answer to the trend towards shorter form content, offering a new creator platform that delivers bite-sized audio to users daily via SMS. Jam connects creators and listeners in a more engaging, meaningful way, with quick, compelling short-form audio snippets that are “just a minute” (or so). As the trend of mini podcasting continues to grow, Jam offers a discovery platform for listeners to find new content from major brands and new creators alike. For creators, it’s an opportunity to share their stories with a wider audience that’s hungry for bite-sized news, education, and entertainment. Visit for more information.