6 Tools for Community Managers That Should Be in Their Work Portfolio

Since the optimization of brand performance, the analysis of the public’s behavior and the competition through monitoring hundreds of conversations that are the breeding grounds of topic trends, the tasks of community managers becomes increasingly complex and reinvents itself daily in order to stay ahead of the challenges that users constantly raise on social networks.

So here is a list of tools for community managers, ideal for optimizing daily tasks.

1- Trendsmap

This is an excellent tool for checking in real-time, through a geo-positioning system, what the trend topics are at the moment in different parts of the world. The more massive the change of key words the larger they will appear on the map.

An approach can be taken to see in detail what is happening in each region and refine the search of word trends, tags or user name.

From the dashboard, Trendsmap enables the typical functions of Twitter marking like favorite, retweet or respond to a particular tweet.

By clicking on one of the keywords, the Tweets made in real-time can be observed, as well as allowing the user to see the images and videos associated with this topic. This system provides graphics with information related to this keyword and allows you to know in what other region this word or theme shows a tendency.

It has a very basic free option and two others versions with a subscriber fee.

2- Fastanalytics

This tool is ideal for a quick check on the metrics that Google Analytics provides through a Smartphone.

The objective of this app is to simplify the complexity of the provided data by the Google platform and deliver statistics and key numbers to the user without having to go through a tool to be able to find all of them.

This app allows various Analytic accounts to run simultaneously and be revised individually.  It also allows the user to review data and statistics from up to one year ago. The reports include information about the content, traffic, engagement and keywords.

3- Quintly

A powerful tool of social media analysis that allows monitoring and measuring the performance of a brand and how it relates to competition and the rest of the category to which it pertains.  It is already on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn and Instagram.

It analyzes the evolution and behavior of the interactions, engagements of the audience, as well as statistics of followers and their behavior on Twitter. It has a complete dashboard that can adjust according to the metrics that are most relevant to each brand, and put focus on what needs further monitoring and control.

It has a free proposal and paid plans.

4- Postcron

This tool is thought to save time on content programming and scheduling on Social Networks.

It has a very simple user interface with excellent design functions exclusively for automating and optimizing the processes on social networks without carrying out repetitive tasks.

Among its best functions is it’s Scheduling on Lote, which allows scheduling and programming hundreds of simultaneous posts on various accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. It’s “Multiupload” function allows hundreds of images to be uploaded in only seconds.

Another function Postcron incorporates for improving the work of community managers is the tool “Content Gallery.”  Through this tool,  it obtains the most viral content of selected influencers according to the category of interest.

It has a free version that functions very well for participants, and other paid versions for professional use.

5- Pocket

This is an excellent free app that helps the user store information in the form of articles, images, links, videos, music, photos, etc.

Any type of content can be saved in order to be revised another time.  This app works even if the internet is not available, since this app allows logging on without being connected to the internet, it is automatically synchronized on the desktop, Smartphone, and tablet.

It’s compatible with iOS for iPhone and iPad as well as Android devices. Through computer access it functions perfectly with Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

6- Infogr.am

This is an excellent free tool for creating interactive infographics.

It has an enormous stock of templates that can be used without needing to be a design expert being that it offers very simple tools for uploading information and editing content.  It even permits importing data from XLS, XLSX and CSV files.

Through this tool you can download finalized designs such as PDF or PNG documents ideal for incorporating presentations or sending newsletters via email. The created material can also be shared on social networks or embedded in blogs or web pages.

This tool does not have a direct relation with the adhoc tasks of a CM but surely will make your daily life easier.