Social Gaming Platform Teaches Kids Essential Social and Emotional Skills

The new social gaming platform TomoClub.Org seeks to change how children learn about Social and Emotional Skills (SEL) through online-moderated, multiplayer games, which allow for children to connect with one another in a more fun and engaging way than just video-based learning experiences. Not only has this inventive learning platform successfully taken off, but three charter schools and two micro-schools in California have integrated TomoClub as a vendor into their weekly schedules and curricula after they saw higher learning retention and engagement due to virtual, collaborative games.

To best prepare children for the challenges they will face in life, it is essential that they not only learn facts and figures, but that they also develop strong social and emotional skills. However, research has shown that many kids are missing out on the benefits of SEL curricula due to un-interesting approaches.

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For many parents, it can be difficult to find activities that are both educational and fun for kids. TomoClub is looking to change that by providing an interactive environment where kids can enjoy themselves while also learning the importance of emotional wellbeing, leadership, and innovation. Many parents have great reviews about TomoClub because it provides a safe, digital environment for kids to learn and grow while being highly engaged. Also, while educational games are an active medium for learning, kids are coached by SEL experts who guide the students in the direction that fits their learning styles. Therefore, parents can feel reassured that their children are able to express themselves in a supportive, safe, and educationally nurturing setting.

In addition to TomoClub encouraging more interesting learning methods, the detailed assessment that comes after every learning session helps parents track their child’s progress and ensure that they are making the most of their time in TomoClub. Through the collaborative games offered on the site, kids are able to better learn about empathy, self-awareness, and self-regulation. As a result, TomoClub enables children to handle the challenges of life both in and out of the classroom.

Parents are becoming increasingly worried about their kids’ interpersonal futures post-pandemic, so the importance of social and emotional skills is skyrocketing. With more than 75-percent of kids between the ages of 9 and 14 in the U.S. playing games like Roblox and Minecraft, a lot of parents and educators are beginning to see gaming as a fantastic tool for teaching.

Created by Xprize Winners Manik Mehta and Avinash Bansal, TomoClub was a brainchild of their learnings and experiences. Their goal was to provide children with the tools that they need not only to survive, but to flourish in life and become the best version of themselves. TomoClub believes that every child has the potential to be great, so every product and experience is designed with that belief in mind.

About the importance of using engaging ways to learn, CEO Manik Mehta said, “In a constantly evolving world where kids are bombarded with information at a pace that they cannot keep up with, it is important to address ‘how’ they should learn in addition to ‘what.’ Kids need to be able to make sense of the information given to them, identify what is relevant, and learn and unlearn continuously. This is where we step in! TomoClub is an effort to make learning exciting, engaging, and most importantly, relevant.”

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TomoClub is a go-to place for kids to collaborate, play, and learn via social games that simultaneously prepare children for their future by teaching them essential social and emotional skills. A brainchild of our learnings and experiences, Tomo(rrow’s) Club provides a safe learning platform to foster the cognitive ability of today’s kids, enabling them to discover their inner potential and become better problem-solvers, leaders, and innovators. TomoClub is an effort to make learning exciting, engaging, fun, and most importantly, relevant. Through social games on TomoClub, kids have a great time while they learn how to think critically, solve problems independently, and communicate effectively with others. With TomoClub, kids are prepared for the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow.