6 Must-Do Strategies for Increasing
Brand Awareness and Visibility

Looking for ways to increase your brand’s visibility? We’ve got some simple – tried and true – strategies for increasing brand awareness that you should already be doing. They’ll help you get the most out of your marketing and grow your brand’s awareness.

It’s well known, businesses must focus on growing their brand visibility. The way that your customers perceive and recognize your business goes hand-in-hand with the success of your business.

By using brand awareness campaigns, you can familiarize customers – existing and new – with your products and services. Make sure your business’s brand awareness strategy includes a range of targeted marketing efforts to help you achieve your marketing goals.

Continue reading below to discover six of the best marketing strategies for increasing brand awareness.

Using The Right Strategies to Increase Brand Awareness

If you want to build your brand to compete with some big brand giants – think Coca Cola or Apple – you need to establish a strong brand awareness strategy. Even if you’re not shooting that high, the strategies can be similar.

Zero brand visibility equals zero brand revenue. People need to be aware of your brand to buy your products and services.

Creating brand awareness is how consumers become familiar with your business and how they remember your brand.

Consider this, 59% of shoppers prefer to buy from brands familiar to them. Much like first impressions, awareness is stage one of the marketing funnel.

That’s why it is necessary to increase brand awareness with a compelling brand awareness marketing campaign.

6 Must-Do Strategies to Include in Brand Awareness Campaigns

1. Enhance Content Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO has become an increasingly popular strategy for brands to be recognized and build brand awareness. You can improve your website and online presence ranking using relevant keywords that match your product or service.

You can use SEO tactics when creating content for your websites, blogs, social media pages and even for services and product pages. A successful implementation will mean that when consumers search for similar products, your website and blogs will rank higher than your competitors.

2. Share Your Brand Story and Brand Message

Your brand story goes hand in hand with your brand values. You have those values because of your story.

Consumers need to understand your story to know why you’re doing what you do or selling what you sell. Your experience in this field and the motivation behind your business give your consumers something to talk about.

If you build brand awareness from an emotional point of view, customers that can relate to your story will also share your story with other potential customers.

3. Take Advantage of Influencer Marketing

The main reason marketers use influencer marketing is to build brand awareness. Statistics show that 61% of consumers are more likely to buy products and services from trusted recommendations.

Consider using a respected influencer that represents your brand voice and can promote your brand to your target audience.

For example, a professional athlete could represent your brand as a brand influencer if you’re a sports clothing company.

4. Use Promotional Products

Promotional products are a popular part of brand awareness campaigns. Promotional products with your business’s name can give your brand great exposure.

Make sure your brand logo is printed using quality printing methods, to ensure your brand is well presented.

5. Establish Authentic Brand Loyalty Programs

Rewarding customers for being loyal is a great way to raise brand awareness. It shows that you appreciate customer loyalty, which can positively impact your brand recognition.

6. Use Social Media Brand Awareness Ads and Content

Make your social media posts and advertisements relevant, engaging, eye-catching and enjoyable. Educate and entertain your followers about your brand with suitable and consistent content. Use targeted hashtags and optimized stories and engage with your followers regularly.

If there’s negativity on your page, shut it down as soon as possible with light-hearted solutions and visible resolutions. With almost 30% of social media users discovering new brands through social media ads daily, social media marketing efforts can directly impact your brand awareness.

How Businesses Benefit From an Effective Brand Awareness Strategy

Brand awareness builds brand credibility and consumer trust. With those benefits comes a string of advantages for your business.

Your business can profit from increased brand awareness by:

  • Expanding your audience
  • Growing website and social media traffic
  • Increasing sales
  • Creating new business opportunities
  • Improving product promotions

As people become more aware of your brand, they become more familiar with your products and services. Familiarization with a brand heightens customer loyalty.

Build Brand Awareness and Make Your Brand More Recognizable

Invest in brand awareness marketing strategies and benefit from improved brand recognition. Whether you’re launching a new product, aiming to increase sales, or looking to expand your customer reach, use some, or all, of the tested strategies for increasing brand awareness and achieve your marketing goals.