Best Ways to Make Money With Crypto

It’s no surprise that most entrepreneurs are yet to grasp the opportunity in cryptocurrency technologies. Like all other industries, cryptocurrency investing has its related risks. However, the potential benefits are far better than any traditional financial instrument. While the cryptocurrency industry is full of technical jargon, the most basic concepts are not different from what’s in traditional finance.

You’ve probably heard of successful people making million-dollar profits by mining cryptocurrency or holding coins and selling them later in a bullish market. However, if you’re currently unemployed and are facing severe financial difficulties, you may consider getting financial assistance with the Ontario Works payment calendar to cover your family’s basic expenses as you look for ways to earn an income. Fortunately, there are many ways that you can make money with crypto and gain financial independence. Here are some of the most common and proven ways to make money with cryptocurrency:


Consider diversifying your investments by buying and holding crypto assets for some time. Generally, crypto assets are well suited for this buy-and-hold strategy. Although extremely volatile in the short term, they have the potential for exponential growth in the long term.

However, this investment strategy will require you to research and identify crypto assets with long-term potential. For instance, Bitcoin and Ethereum have showcased the capability to sustain a long-term price increase; hence they are considered a safe investment. Despite the yearly price fluctuations, the decentralized and crypto markets have witnessed remarkable annual growth, perhaps better than any other market.


While investing is often a long-term undertaking, trading is a strategy for identifying and exploiting short-term opportunities. The volatile nature of the crypto market means asset prices can decrease or increase drastically over a short period. However, to make a profit as a trader, you’ll need good technical and analytical skills. For instance, you’ll have to analyze market performance using price charts to accurately predict asset price decreases and increases.

You can either take a short or long position when trading, meaning you can generate profit in both bearish and bullish crypto markets. While the daily crypto trading volume accounts for only 1% of the foreign exchange market, the volatility in crypto markets allows for profitable short-term trades.


Most crypto networks have introduced staking as a green alternative to Bitcoin’s energy-intensive proof of work. When you stake crypto, you receive interest as you would if you deposited your money in a bank account. However, you can retain full ownership and control of your staked assets. To effectively participate in a crypto staking network, you’ll need to lock up your funds to receive interest. Moreover, the coins you staked will potentially continue appreciating in value while you still reap the interest accrued on the asset.


While there are numerous ways to make money with crypto, it will all come down to your skills and preferences. With so many opportunities, you may be in a dilemma on which investment plan to pursue. However, the best strategy is to stick to your plan of choice until you eventually succeed.