5 Ways to Reduce Facilities
Maintenance Costs

Facilities are a source of ongoing expenses for any business. Apart from leasing, managing a facility comes with unexpected expenses, such as repair, cleaning, replacing furnishings, and routine maintenance costs. Sometimes, the maintenance costs of a facility are so high that it can seriously affect the profit margins and prevent your company from blossoming. Don’t allow this to happen. Here are five top ways to reduce facility maintenance costs and save money.

Hire Maintenance Experts

Using a maintenance team or contractors that are not fully qualified or experienced enough to handle extensive maintenance needs is one of the biggest issues in the facilities management sector regarding costs. This often leads to tasks having to be done repeatedly to get them right or taking excessive time due to a lack of knowledge and efficiency. Hiring a well-qualified, experienced team or contractors can save time and money by getting things done right the first time.

Lower Reactive Maintenance Needs

Keeping on top of regular maintenance inside and out without overlooking the minor details can help you reduce facility maintenance costs. This means ensuring that light fixtures are correctly working, drinking fountains are clean and flowing well, HVAC air filters are regularly changed, and doors lock and open smoothly. You can develop a routine checklist or use facility management and maintenance software to monitor, record, and update the completed regular maintenance. Staying on top of routine maintenance and cleaning cycle can lower costs by eliminating the need for after-hours emergency repairs.

Monitor And Manage Inventory

Lack of spare parts in stock is one of the leading causes of high average repair time and costs. The best solution to this issue is to ensure a similar level between assets and have exchangeable spare parts. Having similar parts fit different machinery can be a perfect way to save money and may make it easier to acquire technical help from the manufacturer. In addition, ordering parts in bulk can allow you to negotiate better prices. You can use a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) to catalog inventory and facility assets.

Upgrade To Energy-Saving Technologies

It’s good to embrace new technologies as they emerge, as most are more cost-effective and efficient than conventional methods. For instance, consider installing LED lighting or daylighting systems since these fixtures use significantly less energy than traditional lighting technology. In addition, they emit less heat to the facility, meaning less cooling will be required for the space. Most modern LEDs also have dimming capabilities for use in a daylighting unit.

Enhance Your Team Training

Training your entire team, not just the technicians, is another ideal way of reducing facility maintenance costs. Your team requires technical training so they can be able to repair equipment and complete preventative maintenance tasks. They also need training on the culture that encourages proper maintenance and collaboration. While regular training might not seem a top priority, the more skilled your team is, the less time they will spend waiting for instructions or assistance.


Facilities maintenance costs are negotiable. However, don’t strive to lower costs across the board just to reduce the burden on the balance sheet. Take a cost-conscious mindset and approach facility maintenance with strategy. There might be some obvious initial costs of getting started with proper facility maintenance, but it can save you much more money in the long run.