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Real-Time Engagement Platform

The real-time engagement conversation platform empowers people, managers, and leadership with frequent, simple pulse surveys that may be completed in two or three minutes. The attractive, user-friendly cloud solution automatically analyzes the results and delivers immediate insights that help improve employee engagement.

time management boost productivityProviding contextually relevant interactions at the speed customers want you to is critical for businesses of all sizes. It can include adapted content, like recommendations, in-app guidance, or personalized customer support.

Social Media Monitoring

Monitoring social media is tracking comments about your company, its goods, or its services. It includes identifying negative feedback, taking remedial action as soon as possible, and collecting positive reviews and testimonials.

Social media marketing tools are necessary for any business to maintain a healthy public image and engage with customers. You may boost client satisfaction and improve revenue by picking the right tool for your business.

Speed and agility are necessary to make the most of your social media interaction platform. You must be able to respond in milliseconds to dynamic messaging and personalization and provide context-aware interactions. It can be challenging for brands accustomed to working with slower systems. To achieve this, you should set a realistic goal.

Push Notifications and Alerts

Push notifications are a newer digital marketing channel that has shown to be a very efficient tool for user engagement, retention, and retargeting. They are not without obstacles. However, accurate measuring knowledge is critical to unleashing their full potential.

A common mistake businesses make is sending too many push messages. It can overburden subscribers, leading to them tuning out mentally or opting out altogether.

To prevent this, use smart alerts to send relevant notifications at the most reasonable time. You can even schedule them based on the different geographies and time zones your target audience follows. It makes your outreach more personalized and more likely to generate a positive response.


E-commerce is one method for consumers to buy and sell goods in retail. Some businesses offer their items online, while others utilize e-commerce as part of a larger plan that includes physical storefronts and other distribution channels. In any case, e-commerce enables startups, small enterprises, and major corporations to sell things on a global scale and reach clients all over the world.

Providing relevant real-time interactions gives users a warm sense of being recognized, allowing them to feel understood, and ultimately valued. It is why customer engagement platforms like Agora.io are becoming a core business strategy for brands of all sizes.

Real-Time Engagement Platform as a Service (RTE PaaS) provides developers with simple and flexible application programming interfaces, or APIs, to integrate interactive voice, video, and messaging experiences into applications. It promotes itself as the only solution that addresses all three pillars of real-time engagement: shared context, interactive at scale, and ubiquity.

In e-commerce, real-time engagement is like having a personal shopper by your side — offering timely assistance and personalized promotions to turn casual browsers into enthusiastic buyers. It works similarly in healthcare, finance, and education, where chatbots can help patients schedule appointments, check their accounts and offer investment advice.


When you talk with a friend in real time, you instinctively watch their body language and hear their voice. This shared context allows you to tailor the conversation and respond with relevant information immediately. Similarly, real-time engagement will enable businesses to meet customers and users where they are, with personalized interactions that feel authentic.

A customer engagement platform is the command center for your business’s customer data and tools. It can integrate with communication channels (like email, SMS, social media, phone, live chat, and more), marketing, product improvement, and sales tools to build an omnichannel engagement system.

Effective omnichannel engagement leads to higher customer retention and loyalty. Invest in a real-time engagement platform today.


Real-time engagement is a way to interact with customers or users when they need assistance or information. This strategy makes users feel heard and understood, enhancing satisfaction and loyalty.

It also establishes your credibility as a communicative and accessible organization. And it increases customer retention and loyalty, boosting long-term profitability.


Sharing context means understanding the information a person or customer seeks and providing them with the next-best action at the right moment. It works in many industries, including healthcare, education, finance, and travel.

The best real-time engagement platforms also offer simple, flexible application programming interfaces (APIs), allowing developers to integrate voice and video seamlessly into their metaverse applications without building from scratch. 

Travel and Hospitality

Whether a seamless check-in or a personalized welcome gift, hospitality businesses like hotels, restaurants, and theme parks keep travelers returning, that’s why they need a real-time engagement platform that helps them understand and respond to customer feedback at scale, even across the full ecosystem.

Elevating the human experience (HX) may result in meaningful interactions that lead to brand loyalty and long-term value for your company. Companies that focus on aligning and promoting the experiences of everyone in their ecosystem outperform those that don’t.

The key to delivering exceptional travel and hospitality experiences is the little things. A welcoming demeanor, a kind smile, or a personal touch may go a long way toward establishing trust and fostering lasting devotion.