Tips for Successfully Entering or
Re-entering the Workforce

In the past three years, the workforce has gone through more layoffs, furloughs, and career pivots than anyone could have predicted, and college grads have had to navigate a job market mired in volatility.

Former president of New York Life Insurance Company Fred Sievert didn’t see that coming when he decided to write his book Fast-Starting a Career of Consequence: Practical Christ-Centered Advice for Entering or Re-entering the Workforce. But he believes the practical tips in his book are even more relevant now than when he originally conceptualized the book.

“We couldn’t have known about the millions of people put out of work by the pandemic. It all seems even more pertinent and timely now,” Sievert said.

In the book, Sievert shares five biblical principles chosen to help individuals create a strong foundation for fulfillment in their careers. Then, he elaborates on 10 practical and proven strategies that individuals can implement immediately to gain visibility and early success as they enter the workforce for the first time, move to a new company or re-enter the workforce after a period of absence.

“The advice applies equally well to small or large corporations and to entrepreneurial ventures,” he said, adding, “The book was inspired by a request for advice from my daughter on how to be identified as a high potential employee and advance her career as she languished in an entry-level position at her large global company. The advice proved to be very effective as she was rapidly promoted into positions with greater levels of responsibility.”

Chapters explore universal career-relevant topics such as: Demonstrating Commitment; Embracing the Company’s Vision and Mission; Developing Cultural and Organizational Awareness; Understanding the Financial Underpinnings of the Business; Demonstrating Strategic Thinking Capability; Over-preparing for Every Meeting; Making Every Presentation a Command Performance; and Balancing Faith, Family and Career.

Sievert drew upon his unique combination of experiences as a Christian executive, a mentor and a college instructor to develop a book packed with practical Christ-centered advice for those wishing to add a spiritual dimension to career pursuits.

“During my career, and afterward, I mentored many young employees and executives — at least 10 of whom went on to become presidents or CEOs of their organizations,” Sievert explained.

Ultimately, Sievert hopes to show others the value of nurturing a symbiotic relationship between faith and career.

“Since most of us will spend more than half of our waking hours at work, I really felt it was important to talk about ways in which you can bring and follow biblical principles in the workplace, and at the same time, get some really valuable business tips from a guy who’s been there,” he added.