Research Group Makes Music with ETs

LightNet researches the edge of the possible.  Their latest experiment involved making music with extraterrestrials.  The team used electronic devices such as ham radios, theremins, MIDI triggers, Plant Wave devices, specially designed phone apps, electrodes, old tube TV’s and even lie detectors.

The group of eight musicians, scientists and artists listened for eight weeks creating one of the first ever musical collaborations between ET’s and humans. For the first two weeks the team heard only silence.  Then they got the idea to serenade the ETs with fifteen minutes of song followed by 15 minutes of listening. The serenade included instruments such as their voices, tuning forks and very expensive crystal harp instruments which vibrate at 432 Hz, a frequency they believe mimics the natural world.


By the end of the eight weeks, the ETs were able to play guitar, piano and a host of otherworldly sounds through the devices. How does this work? The cell phone apps take advantage of the accelerometer, GPS, temperature controls and EMF (Electromagnetic Frequency) sensors. The founder of VBE Inc, Ricky Styles, built a special app for the project which used crop circle symbols in which the ET’s could select to play different tones.

“This felt like anthropology 101. We were so touched and utterly amazed by the results. At one point we had them using an app that lets them select between yes, no and maybe. We asked them if they were blue, and they said “no”. We asked them if they were transparent and they said “yes”.”, remarked Zenka Caro, founder of LightNet.

Interest in ET contact has surged recently with the creation of a new congressional agency called AARO, designed to aggregate and disclose government data UFOs. Pew Research’s reports that 65% of the US believes that intelligent life exists on other planets.

Curious to hear what alien music sounds like? The group has posted a 3 minute video. In September, learn more about peaceful ET contact in a six-day ET Contact Event on Zoom around the world and live in Sedona, AZ called Contact 250. One of the hands-on workshops is dedicated to sharing the tools and methods used to make music with ET’s so you can replicate the research at home.

  • CONTACT 250 Experience:
  • Making Music with ET’s Workshop: Sept 30th 1:30-4pm
  • Location: Ultimate Light Mission 2115 Mountain Road, Sedona, AZ 86336
  • Cost: $49, $29 with Locals Discount code VERDELOCALS
  • Registration: is a nonprofit based in Sedona, AZ dedicated to helping the world experience extraordinary things. The organization is creating an open data commons for sharing cutting edge research on consciousness.