Instagram Influencers with Up to 100K Followers have the Highest Average Engagement Rate of 6.89%

Marketers are willing to dig deep into their pockets to promote on Instagram. Each month, more than 130 million Instagram users engage with shopping content and learn about brands and products in an authentic way without hard selling. However, working with the right influencer is critical to engage with the target audience and run a successful Instagram marketing campaign.

According to data presented by, Instagram influencers with between 10K and 100K followers have the highest average engagement rate of 6.89%.

Engagement Rates Drop as The Number of Followers Grows

Instagram engagement rate measures an audience’s interest and brand relevance. It shows what percentage of the people you have reached have interacted with your content, including comments, likes, and post saves.

Understanding this metric helps in creating content relevant to the brand’s audience and paves the way for organic growth. But it also helps businesses to find influencers with an engaged audience and run a successful campaign.

According to the 2023 Instagram Engagement Rate survey conducted by the Influencer Marketing Factory, Instagram accounts with between 10K and 100K followers had the highest average engagement rate in 2023 of 6.89% percent. That is 2% more than influencers with between 100K and 500K followers, who had an engagement rate of 4.7%.

The survey showed engagement rates continued falling as the number of followers grew. The accounts with between one and five million followers had an engagement rate of 3.38% this year, while those with five million followers or more reached an average engagement rate of 2.61%

Influencers with 5+ Million Followers have the Highest Engagement Rate for Instagram Reels

Instagram’s favorite format, Reels, showed a different trend when it comes to engagement rates. More and more businesses use Reels to reach an audience outside their current followers, as more than half of Instagram users find Reels through the explore page.

According to the Instagram Engagement Rate survey, the average engagement rate on Instagram Reels for accounts with between 100K and 500K followers stood at 6.59% this year.

Reels engagement dropped slightly to 6.15% for accounts with between one million and five million followers. However, the average Reels engagement jumped to 8.09% for influencers with more than five million followers.

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