How Tech Can Help You
Foster a Close-Knit Workforce

There’s no denying that employees often naturally form positive relationships with their colleagues without your input or effort. Some businesses benefit from close-knit teams without even trying.

However, not every business owner has that experience. Employees who work well together are never guaranteed, so there can be value in taking actions that might improve your chances. That’s where technology comes in. You might be able to enjoy a close-knit workforce by taking advantage of the following technology:

Background Check Platforms

Close-knit teams are often formed by hiring employees who work well together. You can use background check businesses like Triton Canada to learn as much as possible about potential applicants before welcoming them into your team. The more you know about someone before you hire them, the higher your chances are of welcoming someone who fits with your current employees.

Communication Platforms

Many businesses have remote teams who don’t always get to meet each other in person. This has the potential to prove problematic as far as communication is concerned. A lack of communication might mean friendships and strong working relationships are more challenging to build.

Fortunately, communication platforms are beginning to bridge the gap. Remote teams can communicate on messaging apps like Slack and Microsoft Teams or hold video calls through Google Meet and Zoom. Employees can have work discussions and socialize as if they were seeing each other in person.

Virtual Team Building

Team building activities have long been beneficial for employees to learn how to work together. Strong relationships can be built, and employees can learn to trust each other. However, technology has made team-building activities more accessible than ever before. Whether your employees are strapped for time or remote, they can now engage in virtual team-building activities.

Virtual team-building activities can take place over online communication platforms and involve games and social sessions. There are plenty of short, free, and immersive online activities that may help you form that coveted close-knit workforce.

Collaboration Tools

Collaboration tools have been a game-changer in remote teams. Multiple employees can work on the same project simultaneously, regardless of location. While collaboration tools can help employees with work management, they can also help build a close-knit team. Daily interactions with their peers, even in the online space, might see new, strong relationships form before long.

Use Employee Engagement Platforms

Employees can use many different work-related chat platforms to discuss important work matters. However, such platforms leave little room for socializing. Consider introducing your employees to employee engagement platforms, specific social media-style sites for employees to engage, socialize, and share parts of their lives.

If you can’t find anything entirely suitable, ask your team whether they’d be comfortable with a closed private group on a popular social media site like Facebook. With over 243 million Facebook users in the United States in 2023, the chances of your team already being on there are high.

Some business owners just get lucky with the workforces they create. However, there’s no reason why you can’t have the same close-knit teams they do. Introduce some of these technologies into your business, and you might enjoy watching new, positive relationships form.