3 Vital Pieces of Tech
for Every Modern Business

In 2024, every modern business relies on a range of the latest technologies. For example, in healthcare, defibrillators provide potentially lifesaving technology in the treatment of cardiac arrest, delivering a targeted shock that aims to restart the heart’s correct rhythm. In agriculture, many businesses are starting to adopt drone technology into their operations. Drones can monitor and assess crop yields far more quickly than human workers and can provide key data that determines the ongoing actions of farmers.

This article focuses on the technology that is now being used in corporate businesses and office-based work. There will be a discussion on the value of API gateways, how companies make informed decisions with business intelligence platforms, and how chatbots are revolutionizing customer service.

API Gateways For Secure Online Applications

It is now estimated that approximately 94% of all enterprises use cloud-based IT systems. This involves storing and running applications, software, and microservices online. Cloud-based applications help to support a remote and hybrid workforce, allowing staff to work effectively from any location with suitable internet access. In 2024, millions of staff prefer to adopt remote or hybrid models of working as it has numerous benefits including the ability to balance work and personal commitments more effectively and enjoy improved mental wellbeing.

However, as the number of online business applications continues to increase, there is a need to monitor, control, and manage them effectively. To achieve this, modern businesses will use an API gateway. Such technology allows IT professionals to deploy new applications, monitor their online assets, and ensure that they are alerted to any suspicious activity or traffic. A high-performing API gateway is crucial for any business that operates in the cloud. It can provide a key way to ensure that the online IT infrastructure performs as intended and operates in a secure, monitored environment.

Business Intelligence Platforms

Decades ago, high-level business decisions were made by senior managers based on their expertise and business acumen. However, complex decisions rely on a range of factors, and many leaders would not be fully aware of all these contributory factors when making decisions. Today, business intelligence platforms are used to promote data-driven decision-making and improve the likelihood of successful outcomes. Typically, high-volume data from multiple sources is used. It is combined in the BI platform and then subjected to complex analytical processes. The information that is produced can form reports, KPIs, and other key statistics. Together, this high-quality information can reduce the uncertainty in decision-making, allowing businesses to make high-level plans and strategies, secure in the knowledge that it is backed by real-world data.


Finally, chatbots have helped to revolutionize customer service for millions of businesses. They can be deployed online to answer common customer questions and queries. Typically, they achieve this by directing the customer to pre-made FAQ pages or other helpful information. In an age where online customers expect a swift response when they ask a question or have an issue, chatbots can be incredibly useful. However, it is important to understand that a human customer service team is still required to handle complex queries or resolve any complaints that have been lodged by the customer.