Top 8 Elements Every
Assignment Cover Page Should Have

If you have ever submitted homework assignments, you might already know what an assignment cover page is. As per MS Word Cover Page Templates, a cover page is the first page of an assignment, which provides general information about the document to readers. It provides a quick understanding of what the academic paper is about and introduces the document briefly to the readers.

Crafting an excellent and detail-oriented cover page for assignments is an art, and not every student is an artist. Therefore, they are advised to ask for help from professional assignment writers online. They have generally mastered varying styles for designing the cover pages, and it is easy for them to fulfil your assignment requirements.

This blog post focuses on the 8 elements of an assignment cover page format and the tips to ensure that the front page of your work has all the necessary information labelled on it. Let’s explore the details.

How to Make a Cover Page for an Assignment?

When it comes to assignments, the cover page has the ability to grab the professor’s attention right off the bat. Why settle for a dull and drab design cover page when you can be creative with it and impress your professor? Let’s dive into the details of important elements of the best cover page for the assignment:

1. Running Head
The very first thing to craft on an assignment cover page is the running header. It is generally a text placed at the top and often stays separated from the main body of the page. If you are writing an assignment in the APA cover page format, it shall be mandatory to add this to your title page. The maximum number of characters for writing this is 50, and it is preferred that you craft it in uppercase.

2. Title
The next main element of an assignment cover page template is the title of your work. It is important as it explains the content of your project to readers. The best way to craft the title is by capitalizing the first letter of every word (but not the articles and prepositions). When you are drafting the title, write all the words in full and avoid using contractions or abbreviations. A good title should be no longer than 15-20 words, and it should be formatted correctly. Also, it should be placed in the middle of your cover page.

3. The Name of the University
When working on the academic project, your institution also needs to be mentioned prominently on the page. It gives the readers an idea of the university you are affiliated with and lets them know where you have carried out the research. Also, when you are working on a presentation or report, the information about where your research has been conducted should be included on the cover page.

4. The Listed Course
It is mandatory for students to mention the course number, code and name on the title page of every university assignment. When listing the mentioned course, you should start with the number, put a colon and then mention the name of the course. Keep in mind that it should be double-spaced and aligned in the center of your report cover page. If you feel confused about it, you can ask for assistance from professionals from a UK-based assignment writing company.

5. The Instructor’s Name
There is always an academic instructor who guides you throughout the assignment writing process wherever you get stuck. When perfecting your assignment cover page design for college and university, you should acknowledge the help of your instructor. So, you should mention the name in the format you have followed when writing other textual details on this page. Unless otherwise advised, the font for your work will be Times New Roman and the font size is ideally going to be 12 points.

6. Author’s Name
It is important for your readers to know at a glance about who wrote the work. Hence, you should include your name as the official author’s name on the research document. It helps to ensure that your name appears correctly when it is in the process of publication.

When multiple authors are involved in the publication of a paper, you should write their names along with the names of the institutions they are affiliated with. If an assignment project is completed by multiple students, their names along with the names of their colleges or universities will be mentioned under the title of the work.

7. The Date
It is important for you to add the dates on the cover page to help readers know when you have completed the work. Also, it indicates the exact date of publication for your work. Another advantage of mentioning a date on the cover page is that it provides the readers with the correct information for future reference. It is particularly helpful when other people are looking for scholarly works accomplished in a specific time frame.

8. The Denoted Number
Well, this one is pretty basic but the arrangement of papers is necessary when you want to stay organized for work. How will you manage if you forget to number any page of your assignment? To avoid such issues, you should have automatic page numbering options on the assignment cover page template Word document. It will be directed to the top right corner of your paper.

What Are the Top Elements of an Assignment Cover Page?

As per the instructions by Rasmussen University, the top elements that must be present in an assignment cover page are the following:

  • A header which contains the page number of the document
  • The course code
  • A title that should be bolded
  • Your name as a student
  • Your affiliation with the school
  • The course title and the course number
  • The name of your instructor
  • The deadline associated with the assignment

Assignment Cover Page Example

Here is one of the cover page templates that you can review to know how to design a page for assignments or research papers. This is an example of the assignment page cover by the University of South Asia, published by Slide Share.

Assignment Cover Page How-ToConclusion 

When you are done with the assignment cover page design, check the spelling of your name for mistakes and verify all the details that you have mentioned on the page. Next, take a closer look at the present date to make sure that you have done the right formatting. As the final step, go through the final formatting rules in terms of fonts and spacing. If your university has not provided you with a template, you can ask for assistance from your peers or professors.

For further help, you can also contact a leading assignment writing service online that helps students by providing them with cover pages for all types of assignments. You can also seek assistance from their writers in all aspects and get fully formatted homework per your expectations.