Real Estate Development Trends:
Expert Opinions

If you work in real estate development, you will know only too well how competitive this sector can be. One highly effective way to ensure you stay one step ahead of your main competitors is by being the first to identify new trends. From sustainable practices to immersive experiences, discover all the latest real estate development trends, according to the industry’s top experts, right here.

Sustainable Practices 

One of the most widespread real estate development trends, according to experts in the industry, is the rise in sustainable projects and green building projects. As the world becomes more aware and invested in the future of the planet, developers and architects alike are having to embrace more eco-friendly construction techniques.

Sustainable real estate development focuses on incorporating environmentally friendly features into every aspect of a building, including its design, construction, and maintenance.

Technology Integration 

Technology plays a pivotal role in the development of real estate, paving the way for smart buildings that are equipped with state-of-the-art sensors and automation systems. The integration of technology into the industry has also enabled developers to take advantage of virtual reality tours and advanced data analytics, both of which enable enhanced efficiency and convenience.

Immersive Retail Experiences 

When it comes to retail real estate development, experts predicted a shift away from traditional retail spaces to more immersive experiences. Jean Paul Wardy, CEO of CenterCal Properties, a full-service commercial real estate company, has spoken very publicly about his thoughts on this matter and the importance of providing consumers with retail spaces where they can shop, socialize and be entertained.

You can expect to see more retail spaces with a wide range of dining options, including restaurants, cafes, food markets, and pop-ups, as well as entertainment outlets such as bowling alleys and movie theaters.

Multi-Use Developments 

Multi-use developments, sometimes referred to as mixed-use developments, are a significant trend in urban planning and are designed to transform city centers and inject new life into neglected areas.

The concept of these types of developments aims to create inclusive living environments where residents can live, work, and socialize. This can help to reduce commuting times and foster a real sense of community engagement.

Health-Focused Amenities 

Health and wellness-focused design has been trending in the real estate development industry for a few years now but is set to gain even more traction in the next 12 months. Developers are prioritizing designs that promote a positive living environment as people become more aware of their physical and mental well-being.

More specifically, you can expect to see a rise in green spaces, such as rooftop gardens, as well as amenities like meditation rooms, spa facilities, and yoga studios.


It is clear that the world of real estate development is changing irrevocably and that professionals within the sector must adapt accordingly. As new innovations emerge and the needs of the people continue to evolve, real estate developers must remain aware of market trends and utilize them to their advantage.