Angela Dunn

Angela Dunn is a “happy connector of people and ideas.” As creator of “one of the top five nightclubs in the world,” according to George Wayne, writer for Vanity Fair Magazine, Dunn honed an intricate knowledge of social anthropology which she now focuses on social media. Dunn coined the phrase “Thought Leader DJ” to describe successful content curation in digital media. Her multiple personality nightclub was a case study in branding and niche marketing. She currently uses these concepts to assist CEOs and senior leadership with their personal and corporate digital brand.

TWTRCON’s CEO Tonia Ries describes Dunn as “a veritable idea machine.” Dunn’s method for “idea design” helps clients generate ideas as well as develop action plans to make them happen. She blogs at on social media, creativity and happiness and is working on several eBooks including “17 Great Post Ideas for Blogging” and ”Twitter Chats for Crowdsourcing Ideas” (Twitter Chats will be free for all TWTRCON SF participants).  She is a monthly moderator for the social media Twitter Chat #smchat and is launching #ideachat, a monthly Twitter Chat, on the Second Saturday of every month beginning October 9th, at 9 a.m. EST.

Dunn was selected as a leading blogger and thought leader for the eBook, “Best Strategic Learning Investment for Marketers in 2010.” Dunn’s ideas include Six New Roles for the New Social World:

  1. 1. The Innovator in Social Business Design,
  2. 2. The Analyzer in Customer Intelligence,
  3. 3. The Curator for Information as a Product,
  4. 4. The Influencer in Social Capital,
  5. 5. The Teacher for Visual Learning, Technologies and Applications, and
  6. 6. The Concierge for Real-time Customer Experience.

As a Speaker and Coach, Dunn’s expertise in Twitter and blogging is sought by digital agencies, healthcare organizations and businesses for training and customer engagement.

She believes being whole-brained and a polymath contribute to one’s success in social media. Dunn is a “mindful minimalist” who is always happy to help you with ideas!