The Realtime Report’s Guide to Influence Measurement Tools

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Welcome to the people-centric web, where your customers—and their social networks—now control how messages, traffic and attention flows on the web. This shift has massive implications for brands, agencies and media companies. It’s time to test and develop new models for identifying and engaging with the influencers who now determine what content gets seen, where.

The Realtime Report’s Guide to Influence Measurement Tools looks at 8 tools designed to identify and score these online influencers. Over 65 pages, with in-depth test drives and several expert best practices interviews, this Guide answers questions such as:

  • How do these tools define and measure online influence?
  • What data are these tools using, and how do they create their scores?
  • What are the differences between personal and contextual influence measurement tools—and why do they matter?
  • What are the best practices for using tools like Klout to run Perks marketing programs—and are these programs effective?
  • Why would we consider investing in premium tools like Traackr, mBlast or Appinions instead of simply using the data available from Klout or Kred at no cost?
  • What are the trends to watch for as the industry continues to mature?

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The Realtime Report’s Guide to Influence Measurement Tools was fully updated as of October, 2012, and we will continue to keep it up to date with new changes over time. When you download your copy, you will have full access to all future updates as they become available.

Table of Contents:


  • Introduction
  • How Businesses Use Influence Measurement Tools:  4 Key Use Cases
  • Two Approaches to Influence Measurement:  Personal Influence vs. Contextual Influence



  • What Is Personal Influence—And How Do You Measure It?
  • Personal Influence Measurement is Controversial:  What Brands Need to Know
    • Finding Ways to Engage the Users
    • Your Friends Can Help You Increase Your Influence
    • Privacy, Transparency and User Control
    • A Look at the Privacy Policies and the Transparency Levels of Each of the Personal Influence Measurement Tools
    • Why This Matters to Brands
  • How to Manage Influencer Outreach Programs
    • Best Practices:  An Integrated, Balanced Approach to Influencer Outreach
    • The Power of the “Magic Middle”
  • Using Personal Influence Measurement Tools to Deliver Perks and Rewards
    • How Perks Programs Work
    • Case Study:  A Comparison of Two Klout Perks Campaigns
    • Best Practices:  Targeting Influencers? Don’t Forget the Basics
  • Under the Hood: A Comparison of How Klout, PeerIndex, Kred and TweetLevel Measure Personal Influence
    • How Personal Influence Measurement Tools Create User Profiles
    • Show Me the Model: What Are Personal Influence Measurement Tools Actually Measuring?
    • How Much Data Is Being Measured—Over What Time Period?
    • Are Personal Influence Measurement Tools Measuring Quantity of Activity—or Quality?
    • How Klout, Kred, PeerIndex and TweetLevel Create their Influence Scores—and What the Scores Tell You About Individual Influencers
    • Muddying the Waters: Measuring Social Media Activity and Engagement vs. Measuring “Real World” or Offline Influence
    • So What’s a Good Score?
    • Beyond the Score: Analyzing Content, Topics and Networks
  • The Test Drive:  How Reliable are the Personal Influence Measurement Tools?
    • Are the Scores Reliable?
    • Managing the VIP Line:  Are the Rankings Reliable?
    • Are the Topics Assigned to Each User Reliable?
  • PeekAnalytics and Influencer Audience Measurement
    • How People Search Works
    • Reach = Influence: How PeekAnalytics Calculates the Social Pull Score
    • Analyzing the Demographics of an Influencer’s Audience
  • Personal Influence Measurement Tools Compared: The Pros and Cons of Each Platform 


  • What Contextual Influence Measurement Tools Can Do
  • Using TRAACKR or mPACT Pro to Identify Influencers in a Given Topic
  • Opinion Shapers: Using Appinions for Brand and Influencer Marketing
  • Contextual Influence Measurement Tools Compared: The Pros and Cons



  • Best Practices for Using Influence Measurement Tools
  • Six Influence Measurement Trends to Watch

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