Customer Feedback on Display: Was Domino’s Billboard A Success?

Digital Marketing: Dominos Pizza Times Square Customer Service Tracker BillboardDomino’s Pizza recently experimented with soliciting and posting customer feedback in the most public of spaces: a giant billboard in Times Square, NYC.

The aim of this digital marketing campaign: To get feedback from customers so the company can improve its pizza and delivery service, and to support the company’s “Oh Yes We Did” campaign.

The plan: Dominos invested in a 125-foot-wide billboard in Times Square, and broadcast customer comments from the Domino’s Tracker online.  Customers could submit comments and photos, and were notified via email if their feedback was posted on the billboard. The first comments were posted on July 25, and the last day shown on the tracker website was August 25.

While the feedback wasn’t shown in realtime – comments were generally posted 10-12 hours after delivery – customers were able to see their submissions go up (thanks to the email notifications) if their comment was chosen for display.

The billboard was also featured in a Domino’s Pizza TV commercial, showing two real NY-area Domino’s managers reacting to the billboard on a busy night.
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The results of this display of transparency:

  • the customer messages were seen by 500,000 passers-by
  • 80% of feedback on the billboard was positive, according to Domino’s spokesman Chris Brandon
  • 20% of feedback was “constructive”
  • customers feel that they are being heard, and that the brand is responding to their needs

Gene Galindo, marketing director of 53 Dominos locations, told SmartBlog on Restaurants that “social media gives us a chance to make things right” and the campaign makes it clear that “Domino’s is extremely transparent.”

The company is no stranger to digital and social media efforts, with a national Domino’s Facebook page with over 3.6 million fans, along with Facebook and Twitter pages for many of the individual franchises.  There is also a special deals website, Domino’s Pizza Giveaways, which offers coupons, specials, and freebies to a target audience.

  • HotBlogTips

    Hi Marissa, this is a great story. I like the idea. Not only did Domino’s Pizza get very proactive with a combination of off-line advertising and social media, a tough combination, they successfully convinced customers to engage and interact as well. A++ for Domino’s Pizza. Besides, I’m from Michigan so I have to support Domino’s. ;)

    BTW, any idea what that Times Square billboard cost? I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the most expensive billboard in the US. I guess if you can afford Superbowl commercials something like that can be worked into the advertising budget. Nice post, love the topic.

  • tonia_ries

    @HotBlogTips I love this story, too. I don’t know the exact cost of a Times Square billboard, but I know we’re talking about a very significant investment.

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