AI: A Marketing Professional’s Friend or Foe?

AI: A Marketing Professional’s Friend or Foe?

With every innovation that promises revolution comes a degree of fear of the unexpected within the industries that use it. Within the marketing industry, AI has already been making significant waves with precision targeting and marketing automation. But how does this affect the marketing professionals?

Recent research by B2B digital marketing agency Big Rock, has shown that rather than being threatened by the emergence of AI within the industry, 63% of the polled senior decision making marketing professionals recognized that although potentially AI could see the end of marketing as we know it, the opportunity will be there for new areas of marketing to open and develop. 55% of those polled are already investigating ways to implement AI within their business.

AI is here to stay, and it is how marketers evolve, adapt and respond to it, that will confirm their survival and position within the marketplace ahead of their competition.

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