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5 Social Media Best Practices To Keep You Fresh and Relevant

The social media world is a cluttered mess where a lot of companies and individuals do things they don’t really understand — and much of this activity is done poorly. With so much going on, it’s unbelievably easy to get lost in the shuffle and lose sight of what’s really important. Fortunately, you can follow the tips below to get your message out there in an effective way. Read →

Kids And Social Media: 7 Tips For Parents From A 5th Grader

kids on social media: 7 tips for parents

There’s a reason for the COPPA regulations that apply to web sites targeted to kids younger than 13, but the reality is that kids younger than 13 are also using sites that are not required to comply with COPPA. Which is why–whether you allow your kid to have a social media profile or not–parents need to be talking about social media with kids who are much younger than 13.

I am not going to be the person who decides whether my 5th-grade niece will be allowed to join her friends on Instagram–only her parents can make that decision. But I did have a long conversation with her about kids and social media, in which I asked for her thoughts on how parents should help their kids use social media safely. Here’s the list of tips for parents that we wrote on a napkin over lunch. Read →

How to Build a Social Repository (and Always Having Something Interesting to Say)

Allison Rice

Social media is arguably the most important marketing outlet available, and silence is deadly. To stay at the forefront of your potential customers’ minds, you need to speak up. Whether you’re just getting started or struggling to establish a social media marketing plan, first consider these five different types of posts or tweets. Read →

How Can Small Businesses Best Use Hashtags?

Hashtags for Small Business 150

Hashtags are challenging for marketers due to their seemingly random and spur-of-the moment nature, short lifespan and difficulty to control, and small businesses in particular face challenges when it comes to hashtags. How are SMBs to compete with big business when it comes to leveraging tags? Where’s the money? Are hashtags more trouble than they’re worth? It’s important to step carefully, but hashtags have certainly their place for small businesses looking to create a buzz. Read →

Meet The Realtime Report Summer 2013 Guest Bloggers

RLTM logo

Last weekend marked the official start of summer 2013, and The Realtime Report is diving into the season with three new guest bloggers. They will each focus on different topic areas, helping us to continue bringing you the latest in social media and realtime statistics, case studies, campaigns, tools and more — and adding some new voices and fresh perspective. Please join us in welcoming Vincent, Alex and Jake to the #RLTM team! Read →

Hate Speech On Twitter: A Geographic Study

Hate Speech on Twitter

A team of researchers led by Humboldt State University Dr. Monica Stephens of Humboldt State University (HSU) have released the results of a year-long study identifying the geographic origins of hate speech on Twitter in the U.S. Using the Google Maps API, the team has overlaid the data with a county-level analysis to show the distribution of hate speech on Twitter across the country via an interactive map. Read →

Anxiety, Alcohol Use Can Predict Facebook Behavior Among College Students

Alcohol use can predict emotional connectedness to Facebook (study)

Emotional connectedness to Facebook can be largely predicted by anxiety and alcohol use, according to a recent study by Russell Clayton, a doctoral student at the University of Missouri School of Journalism. The study set out to examine “how emotionally involved Facebook users become with the social networking site and the precursors that lead to Facebook connections with other people.” Read →

“Power Middle” Influencer Marketing Campaigns Drive 16x Engagement Of Paid Or Owned Media

power middle is more influential small

With the rise of Klout and other personal influence measurement tools, much of the talk around influence marketing has focused on how to best target and engage high-ranking influencers. But new research is showing that a focus on mid-level influencers is actually far more effective when it comes to engagement and driving earned media, at a much more effective cost than “professional” A-list influencers. Read →

#SXSW 2013 #Influence Panel: How To Find, Engage, Empower People Who Can Change The Conversation

SXSW 2013 logo

On Sunday, I attended a SXSW 2013 session that marks a turning point in the influence marketing conversation: the first really useful and serious discussion of what influence marketing is (and is not), how it works, and the types of tools needed to scale. Read →

8 Brands That Played In The Realtime Marketing Superbowl: Which Was Your Favorite?

Brands in the Realtime Marketing Superbowl

The game itself drew a record 24.1 million tweets. But the moment that generated the highest velocity of tweets? The power outage, which Twitter says earned a game-winning 231,500 tweets per minute. And many advertisers took advantage of this huge realtime conversation, finding ways to participate in the conversation with clever, entertaining and engaging content. Here are 8 of our favorite brand tweets from last night’s game — which is your favorite? Read →

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