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Social Media News Ticker: Facebook Tests ‘Save for Later’ Reading Feature, Twitter Beefs Up Security

Social Media News Ticker

Facebook is testing new features, Twitter and Buffer beef up security, and Foursquare opens up home screen advertising to big brands without brick and mortar locations: here’s the latest in social media news. Read →

Web 2.0 Security Is A Concern For Half Of Global Businesses

Business leaders worldwide are deeply concerned about security threats associated with using Web 2.0 technology. On September 27, McAfee, Inc. released a survey of over 1,000 global business decision-makers in 17 countries, which revealed that half of businesses were concerned about the security of Web 2.0 applications (including social media, micro blogging, collaborative platforms, web […] Read →

Consumer Reports Finds Many Social Network Users Naive About Privacy Risks


The June 2010 issue of Consumer Reports includes the annual Consumer Reports National Research Center State of the Net survey, which is based on a January survey of 2,000 online households, projected to 82.3 million U.S.  internet-using households. According to the survey, two out of three online U.S. households use social networks such as Facebook […] Read →

50% of Companies Were Spammed from Social Networking Site in 2009

A survey of 500 companies found a 70% increase in spam and malware attacks via social networking sites in 2009, according to  security firm Sophos. Facebook topped the list as the perceived riskiest of the major social-networking sites, followed by MySpace, Twitter, and finally LinkedIn. The Sophos report (PDF) said that more than 50%  of the […] Read →

Social network users not taking security precautions

Security software maker AVG Technologies and the Chief Marketing Officers Council polled 250 people and found that 86% use social networks at home or at work but less than one-third were taking security precautions. Sixty-four percent said they change their passwords infrequently or never, 57% said they adjust their privacy settings infrequently or never and […] Read →

Careful what you email, post, upload and tweet: businesses implement agressive monitoring policies

According to a survey released today by e-mail security firm Proofpoint, 33 % of U.S. companies with more than 1,000 employees have people on staff whose primary or exclusive job is to read or otherwise analyze outgoing e-mail messages. 18 % investigated the exposure of confidential company information via video or audio posted to a […] Read →

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