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50% of Americans Online Ages 18-44 Play Social Games Daily

Bejeweled Blitz Social Gaming is on the Rise

According a recent study by Saatchi & Saatchi, 50% of people online between the ages of 18 and 44 play social games daily. Of these, 54% are men and 46% are women, with the men playing more for competition, and the women out of boredom. The study also revealed social gamers attitudes about in-game brand advertising, social challenges, and gaming incentives. Read →

European Women Spend More Time On Social Networks Than Men

Young European Women Spend More Time Than Men on Social Networks

An April 2011 study by comScore reveals that European women spend more time on social networks than men do – a finding that remains consistent across all age groups. Young European women ages 15-24 spend the most time on social networks, logging 8.4 hours per month. Read →

Lady Gaga Fans ‘Glam’ It Up For Charity with Social Sharing

Lady Gaga Teams With MAC Cosmetics for Charity

Lady Gaga has teamed up with MAC Cosmetics have to create awareness for a line of lip products that benefit HIV and AIDS-related charities. This “digital, interactive movement” is based on a website,, that allows users to upload photos of themselves to the site, and then to spread awareness via email, Facebook and Twitter. Each user photo becomes a ‘sequin,’ and will be incorporated into a “unique garment” that the star will wear at Fashion Week in Paris. Read →

92% of US Consumers Aware of Twitter, Only 8% Use It

Twitter logo

According to the Pew Internet & American Life Project, Twitter usage has risen to 13% of US internet users in May 2011, up 62.5% (from 8% in fall 2010) as reported by eMarketer. It’s clear that Twitter usage is still growing, but for a service with a high level of awareness among the population, it still has surprisingly few users. Read →

Facebook Attracts 75% of U.S. Social Networking Visitors

facebook logo full

Recent data from comScore shows that social networks received over 200 million unique U.S. visitors in April 2011, and ~151 million of these visitors (three out of four) used Facebook. Read →

Israelis and Russians Spend Twice as Much Time on Social Networks as US Users

Israelis and Russians Spend Most Time on Social Networks via comScore

In what countries are people spending the most time on social networks? Recently published data by comScore ranks the countries with the highest amount of hours each visitor spent on social networking sites during April 2011. Read →

Book Preview: Meditation in the Age of Twitter and Facebook

Meditation-in-the-Age-of-Facebook-and-Twitter small

One of the many cool things that will happen at #RLTM Realtime NY on June 6: the launch of Ajit Jaokar’s new book, Meditation in the Age of Facebook and Twitter. Jaokar defines meditation as the sense of presence and focus required to achieve seemingly-impossible things. Landing a plane on the Hudson, for example. His main thesis is that we are entering an era where meditation is two-sided: involving both a traditional disconnection from the external world–and a simultaneous connection to an exponentially increasing number of inputs via the growth and spread of technology-based networks. To anyone who has been awe-struck by the incredible power of tools like Twitter to instantly connect you to the experience of millions of other people in realtime, this is an intriguing idea. Read →

78% of Affluent Gen Y Consumers Watch Online Video

Luxury Institute logo

A recent study by the Luxury Institute in New York measured the media consumption of wealthy individuals ages 35 and younger. Overall, consumption via mobile – smartphones and tablets – is up, and consumption via traditional media – television, radio, and print newspaper – is low in comparison with older generations. Read →

23% of Social Media Messages Link to Content

AOL report_ Content is the Fuel of the Social Web

AOL and Nielsen Online released the “Content is the Fuel of the Social Web” report in April 2011, analyzing over 10,000 social media messages to explore how consumers share content online. The data offers marketers insight regarding the best ways to advertise and reach consumers online, including on social sites. Overall, 93% of internet users turn to email to share content, while 89% use social networks and 82% use blogs. Read →

Affluent Internet Users Are Twice As Likely To Use LinkedIn

Social Networks Used By US Affluent and General Population via eMarketer

A recent Affluence Collaborative survey reveals that wealthy internet users connect with brands on different social networks than the general population, and also connect with brands for different reasons than the general population. Read →

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