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Realtime Relationships: Why I Asked Ted Rubin To Co-Host Realtime Marketing Lab On October 14

Ted Rubin to co-host Realtime Marketing Lab sq

Realtime Marketing is about many things: the right analytics tools to surface and prioritize conversations. A content strategy that lets you curate and manage dynamic streams of content. Connecting with communities that are distributed across many different platforms. Platforms and strategies to engage fans and turn them into brand advocates. An organizational structure that makes it possible for employees (and customers) to collaborate across functional areas to serve customer needs.

These are all components of an overall realtime marketing strategy, and you’ll be able to see tools that power all of these activities at our Realtime Marketing Lab on October 14. You’ll see case studies from brands that are powering innovative realtime marketing campaigns, and you’ll hear how senior marketing executives from leading brands evaluate the latest realtime marketing technologies.

But at the end of the day, why are we doing all of this hard work? It’s because realtime marketing is an opportunity to build real relationships. Read →

TWTRCON Feedback: Tell Us How We Can Blow Your Socks Off in 2011!

Linda Rutherford

As we take some time to review what we’ve accomplished this year and make plans for 2011, we realized that we hadn’t yet shared the feedback we got from attendees at our most recent event, TWTRCON SF 10. Whether you were there in person or not, please read through this post and then help us […] Read →

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