TWTRCON Feedback: Tell Us How We Can Blow Your Socks Off in 2011!

As we take some time to review what we’ve accomplished this year and make plans for 2011, we realized that we hadn’t yet shared the feedback we got from attendees at our most recent event, TWTRCON SF 10.

Whether you were there in person or not, please read through this post and then help us with your comments and ideas for what you’d like to see at TWTRCON in the coming year!

Here’s what we learned from the ratings and comments we received in our onsite and online surveys:

About TWTRCON SF 10 Content

  • The top-rated sessions were Avinash Kauchik’s talk on AnalyticsKara Swisher’s interview with Twitter’s Adam Bain, the Southwest Airlines case study presentation by Linda Rutherford (in photo above),  Scott Monty’s keynote and Bernardo Huberman’s talk on Influence.
  • Most of the Workshops received very high marks from those attendees who were able to attend them, with especially high ratings going to Angela Dunn’s workshop on Twitter Chats, Victoria Harres’ session on Team Microblogging and James Clark’s session on Game-Based Marketing.  Several people commented saying that we need to provide more time for the workshops, expand the conference to give everyone a chance to experience the workshops without having to miss main-stage content, or even bring some of the workshop topics to the main stage.
  • Suggestions for topics for future TWTRCON events included:
    • More analytics; more on measurement
    • Multichannel strategies – tying Twitter to email, other social media and mobile
    • The ins & outs of “LISTENING” to Twitter & the rest of the Social Blogosphere; a panel specifically on listening platforms
    • More advanced topics that focus on hard-core tips and tricks that people can use right now; more on the “how-to” of Twittering
    • The use of Twitter by government, educators, nonprofits, etc.
    • Even more case studies with actual numbers; more verticals
    • More on mobile and location-based services.

About the TWTRCON SF 10 Overall Experience

  • We were really pleased to see TWTRCON get really high marks overall: 84% of respondents rated TWTRCON a 4 or 5 out of 5.  People gave especially high marks to our onsite staff and registration experience (yay!), the venue (the Nikko rocks!) and to the fact that we had plenty of power strips for everyone.
  • TWTRBall – a game we made up to let people score points for tweeting onsite – got mixed marks: people were evenly split between loving it and hating it.  We’re not sure whether to repeat this at a future event or not, and we’d love any ideas on how to make it better!

Gratuitous Section on Really Nice Comments About TWTRCON SF 10:

We want ALL of our attendees to be this happy:

“TWTRCON is one of the best conferences I have attended this year.  Between the pace, the format, the variety of speakers, and direct interaction with the speakers, partners, and attendees, this conference brought the ‘social’ element of social media to life. If you attend one conference next year, make sure it’s TWTRCON.

“Great energy, good exchange of info and balance of practical and “blue sky” ideas. Venue was well prepared with wifi, power strips, and other amenities that made it easy to stay connected and take notes and participate in the session.”

“You do an excellent job! This is the best social media conference of all. … Next year, will make it mandatory for my clients!”

Please Tell Us How We Can Blow Your Socks Off in 2011!

  • What are the topics you want to see covered at the conferences you attend next year?
  • Who are some speakers you’d like to hear from?
  • What can we do to make a TWTRCON event the best way for you to spend a day?

We are super grateful for any and all comments, feedback or ideas.  If you prefer, you can always email me directly at tonia at modernmediapartners dot com, or send me a tweet at @tonia_ries.

Thank you for being part of TWTRCON — and have a terrific New Year!