About Social Media at Work (v 1)

Social media will change how you do business.

No matter what industry you’re in, no matter what your job function: we think you need to get ready for the biggest transformational-tidal-wave-of-change to hit the economy so far.

It’s about connections between employees, collaboration across a supply chain and empowered customers. It started as a networking tool. Now it’s hitting marketing—how do you get your customers to friend your brand?—so we’ll cover that. A lot.

But that’s just the beginning.

Social media will re-write the rules of business in every industry. Media? I can start my own TV station with Mogulus. Healthcare? Cigna is connecting doctors and patients on Second Life. Government? Barack Obama may be the first President who Tweets. How about manufacturing and collaborative product development, transportation and shared usage of vehicles, micro-finance, or group funding of start-ups?

Social Media at Work will cover all of these, and many more that we can’t yet predict. We will try to be slightly ahead of the center ahead of the curve, to give you a sense of what’s around the corner. Much of our content will be about the media and marketing worlds initially but, as the wave change continues build, we’ll include reports on all aspects of the networked economy.