Update: Whopper Sacrifice Responds to Facebook Disabling its Campaign

After Facebook partially disabled the Whopper Sacrifice campaign, citing violations of its privacy policy (Facebook has a policy not to publish a de-friending) bloggers such as Michael Arrington (“Facebook Blows A Whopper of An Opportunity“) agreed that Facebook overreacted and, indeed, was giving the campaign even more publicity.

Burger King and their agency Crispin Porter responded brilliantly to a controversial situation: staying in character, they found a way to create even more buzz.  Showing that they have a better sense of humor than Facebook management, they have updated the Whopper Sacrifice web site with a message telling fans that “Whopper Sacrifice has been sacrificed:”

They then invite people who have been sacrificed to send an “Angry-Gram,” which features an Angry Whopper shouting insults, Potter-style.

Angry Gram screen shot

Wonder how many Angry-Grams Facebook will be receiving from its user?