Help us launch TWTRCON

We’ve been saying it to each other all week, and now I can say it to the world:  I haven’t been this stoked about a project in a long time!  The response to our initial outreach to a select group of potential speakers and some key members of the Twitterverse has been overwhelming, and I can’t wait to flip the switch, tell the world, and start tapping into the collective power of the Twitter community to develop an amazing event.

And we definitely need your help, since we’re doing this in TwitterTime — about 9 weeks from concept to actually hosting the event!

How you can help?  Send us your ideas as comments to this blog, tweet us @TWTRCON, and brainstorm/discuss using #twtrcon.

If there are even better ways for us to get the community involved in building this event, let us know!  We’re not proud.  Nobody knows everything about Twitter, but a lot of people know quite a bit, and people are thinking up new ways of using Twitter for business everyday.  So we’re trying to learn as we go, just like you are, and we see this event as an amazing opportunity to put all of that learning together in one room.