Come Early to Get Really Twitter Smart: Announcing Laura Fitton's Twitter for Business 101 Pre-Conference!

You don’t need to be a Twitter expert to come to TWTRCON.  (In fact, we would contend that there is no such thing as a Twitter expert.  Twitter is constantly changing and evolving, and very few of us have been twittering longer than a few months. If someone tells you they’re a Twitter expert, be very suspicious!)

But if you’re concerned that you may not know enough about Twitter yet to get a lot out of the conference, we have added a breakfast keynote that is specially designed to make sure we all get a chance to catch up on the basics.

We are delighted to announce that Laura Fitton (@pistachio) will be delivering a pre-conference keynote called Twitter for Business 101.

Laura is a leading advocate for the use of Twitter in business.  Clients of Pistachio Consulting include J&J, Ford and PeopleBrowsr.  She’s  also the co-author of the forthcoming Twitter For Dummies handbook, published the first white paper on “Enterprise Microsharing,” and speaks at tech events and schools like Harvard Business School, Bentley College, Clemson and Emerson

If you’re new to Twitter or just want a tops-down refresher from someone who’s got a ton of experience, this session is for you.  Here’s what Laura will be covering:

  • What does Twitter do?
  • How is micro-sharing different from blogging or social networks?
  • What can we use Twitter for?
  • How do we reach our audience there?
  • How do we govern Twitter use by employees?
  • How can we measure success?

Please join us at Laura’s Twitter for Business 101 session.  We’ll have lots of coffee and bagels, so all you need to bring are all the questions you have about Twitter.

You can even start letting us know what questions you want answered by commenting on this blog post!