TWTRCON SF 09 Go Standby Program

Since launching TWTRCON, we have had incredible feedback from people about how great the conference looks. And lots of people are signing up to come.

We’re also hearing from a lot of people who say they would like to come, but can’t afford it. We’ve been trying to figure out what to do about this.  Much of the passion, innovation and hard work that make Twitter such a powerful platform is coming from people who may not have traditional corporate jobs with training budgets or expense accounts.

You’re an important part of the community, and people who twitter as part of a company can learn from you.  We would like for you to be able to come.

That’s why we created the TWTRCON Go Standby Program.  It is designed to let people come to TWTRCON SF even if they can’t afford the standard rate, provided there is room.  If you really want to make sure that you can get in, then please register today. We have only 250 seats, and there is a chance that they will sell out.  But if you want to try and Go Standby, here’s how it works:

  1. Tell us what you can afford to pay.  The higher your bid, the higher your chance of getting a seat if we have room.
  2. Tells us why you should come.  We will pay attention to this and may give seats to people with lower bids if you have a more compelling reason for wanting to come.
  3. Make a commitment. If we have seats available and you qualify through this program, we will email you on May 18th (2 weeks before the event) with a code that you can use to register at your price. Please be serious about this: if you are making a bid, you are committing to come if we accept you. If you don’t respond and register when you’re accepted, you will be hurting someone else’s chances to get in. We are not making you give us a deposit; we are relying on you to keep your word.

If you want to Go Standby, please fill out this form.

And please let us know what you think of this program!