Announcing Art@TWTRCON


Curated by Natasha Wescoat (@natashawescoat)

We’re psyched to announce that the TWTRCON after party will feature work from artists who have used Twitter and other social networks to find an audience and new opportunities.  Over the past several years Natasha Wescoat has done just that.  Her social media savvy has helped get her work into over over 1000 private and corporate collections worldwide and get featured in Extreme Makeover Home Edition and the movie Marley and Me.  You can find out more about Natasha by following her (@natashawescoat) and on her really cool blog.

In addition to displaying her own work, Natasha will be bringing two other artists to Art@TWTRCON.  Stay tuned for more details.

I think Twitter is social Play-Doh: your imagination is the limit.  Sure, not everyone can paint as well as Natasha, but we all can learn from her and her colleagues how to create great things on the network.  So please  join us for a glass of wine, some fabulous art, and some interesting conversations at the TWTRCON after party. (Open to registered participants only — please register here.)